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For people coming back from ds3, ds2 online matching is based on soul memory. Every foe you kill, you gain soul memory increased. If a guy keeps playing the game for 300hrs, he/she can never be matched online with another guy for 100hrs. So the ring is a kind of hotfix, it puts stop for obtaining further soul memory. Most PvP players use this ring when they are at Level 150-200 for skill play.
This whole soul memory system is ****. Makes it almost impossible to play archer-type builds because you constantly have to buy ammo and since you need to farm souls for it your soul memory constantly goes up.

It also causes a terrible imbalance. Every time you die without collecting your "lost souls" your soul level increases without you actually having the souls.

I hate the ds2 Matchmaking.
It says the ring was added with sotfs edition, it was in base game DS2 before the first dlc came out. Lol.
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But niggaz be eat in' cheese and I be straight poopin'!
Does this ring still function if Broken?
well... no. like any broken ring. but you can ask the blacksmith in majula to repair it.
to me says "no text" in the rings name and description