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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Today I was a princess's guard that went and killed the four kings and talked to Kaathe and deposited the lordvessel Kaathe is still here and I'm now a darkwraith.
So, I joined the darkwraiths, offered up my humanity... No red eye orb. I got a dark hand from Kaathe, and I even got the dark set when I gave him more humanity, but he refuses to give me the red eye orb. Halp
You can buy it for 3000 souls after teaching rank 1 with the covenant
I approached and spoke to Kaathe as a princess guard and he didn't run for it. So that bug is fixed as far as the remaster is concerned.
It's not. He ran for me, and absolving/reloading hasn't fixed it either.
So I’m playing the remaster and have given him over 30 humanity but I haven’t gotten anything, is there a reason why?
make sure you arent joining any other covenants in between
Also make sure it's not fraampt. Sorry I dont know how familiar you are with the game but kaathe appears after the 4 kings in the abyss and not feeling shrine
*firelink shrine stupid spell check
Are you feeling shrine it now, Mr. Krabs?
Note: The Wiki is wrong in regards to the amount of humanity you steal. Getting to +3 rank does increase the number of humanity you get from lifedrain, BUT each NPC has only a set number of humanity to steal/drain.

For example, Griggs of Vinheim only has 3 humanity, while solaire has 5. Big Hat Logan has none even though he appears in human form.

If you use it in PvP I recommend combining it with Tranquil Walk of Peace.
"If you use it in PvP I recommend combining it with Tranquil Walk of Peace."
Why must you be this cruel?
Apparently you can't offer more than 100 humanity. After offering 100 I got a message that said "Cannot offer more. Well done."
Well done.
Well done.
Well done.
Well done.
Well done.
Well done
How i like my steak....
2019 anyone?
Well done.
So **** stupid that you can't join this covenant (and therefore can't obtain the red eye orb, a crucial multiplayer item), if you talk to Frampt. How the **** are you supposed to know that? Frampt gets basically pushed in your face everytime when you are at the Firelink Shrine. **** I hate Dark Souls sometimes


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Your first playthrough is the one where you allow yourself to make those mistakes. Clearly you had no problem finding the wiki so it seems like you're overreacting to a problem you knew how to prevent. You also seem content on spreading misinformation, so I'll clarify for future readers: You CAN talk to Frampt and still talk to Kaathe. You simply may not place the Lordvessel with Frampt or jump down the hole to do it yourself. The former will be a betrayal to Kaathe and the latter will be a betrayal to both.
You're not "supposed" to know anything.
git gud
git gud
On step 4 of how to join the covenant it says if you answer "No" you will not be able to join but you still can, you just have to let him take you to the lord vessel alter and and use a homeward bone or die and fall back down to the abyss where you fight the four kings and talk to him then he will let you join.