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Damn, ever since the release of DS Remastered, I can't get anyone to show up in the arena, or even for coop.
Even on the rare chance that I do find a summon sign, the mf'ers just either jump off the nearest cliff or black stone out. Don't drop your sign if you're gonna just leave immediately...
Wtf? Check ur SM mate or the time u play the game dude
I Ds2 all the time and I’m a sunbro so I find it hard to get summoned
Wanna Coop? Add me on steam
When you're only a SL65+ on NG and you join in the arena with a person that's probably SL200+ with a Crypt Blacksword infused with Dark and his first hit does 90% of your health so you just accept death and let him finish the job
I genuinely feel bad for these people that have to deal with hackers. May the flames guide thee.