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When you're only a SL65+ on NG and you join in the arena with a person that's probably SL200+ with a Crypt Blacksword infused with Dark and his first hit does 90% of your health so you just accept death and let him finish the job
I genuinely feel bad for these people that have to deal with hackers. May the flames guide thee.
My first ever duel and I come up against the f**king Terminator, Duel starts and hes laughing at me repeatedly even when I start hitting him (I am using a greatsword +10 with Raw Infusion, outputting over 600 damage with each swing) takes me 10 hits to get his health to drop to about 60% and the guy is still just laughing, after another 10 hits he strikes me twice and Im dead..........git gud is different to git f**ked
That's hilarious. Sux tho
What is it with the illuminati stuff lmao?
In the Arena, theres no limit to whom you fight against, NG doesn't matter
Making succesful invasions not count towards your rank was a stupid idea. I never run into blue helpers and I have no intention of going to several million soul memory just to advance this charlie foxtrot of a covenant
Can you be paired up with NG+ players
Only if you are new game +. Like it says in the notes, you will only be paired with players in the same play through. Keep in mind, that players can just sit and grind souls and mats and out level you by a ridiculous amount and still be in NG.
is there anyway ti rank up offline?


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I want to help in duels, we let eachother win, and its win win stuation ps4 account:dexteralp i m waiting
Bruh, i just want the pryo trophy, i dont care about this covenant at all, mostly broken... specially with spear and straight sword users... kep an eye out for me (psn "Klavair")
By far the worst covenant, no pryo trophy for me... need an update to let players rank by invading normally, after all, the whole point of this covenant is to go out and search for kills... alot of spear and straight sword users as well, both are broken with hitboxes
an update huh? lol are you dense? this game is how old? quit being dumb
If you want the trophies you should play ng++ and get the chaos orb from there. They should update it despite of the being 4 years old, this covenant is broken as nobody plays as blue sentinel and to get the reward you must rach 500 wins more than the defeats you have. Blue sentinels on the other side is also broken because you highly depend on the way of blue and after some point in the early game you won't have any call, i already got rank 3 but that was 4 years ago.