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Xbox was helpful
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There's a mistake in the checklist : to forge the Darkmoon Catalyst you just need a basic catalyst, not a catalyst +10. Of course it will work with a +10 too ;)
you can't upgrade catalysts lol
got all miracles but I don't have the achievement. what went wrong?
I finally got the dark soul achievement!
Occult and enchanted weapon achievement didnt unlock help pls



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Both the Bond of a Pyromancer Achievement, and Prayer of the Maiden Achievement did not ping for me on PS4 even though I have multiples of every Miracle and Pyromancy spell on my character. I also have all the Covenant Miracles, and did the Pyromancy questline twice. Kinda disappointed.
mine worked for both, did you get gravelord dance, chaos fireball for pyro, and sunlight blade, sunlight spear, for miracles? you trade a boss soul for the sunlight spear
Can I just upgrade the found Occult Club, Lightning Spear, Enchanted Falchion etc. to acquire the Weapon Trophies or do I need to start from scratch?
Can confirm you can use found weapons for the achievements, I used the looted crystal halberd and the occult club to get crystal/occult weapon.