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Despite having an S rating for Faith this scales very poorly being just with Faith! Had it also have at least a high C or high B rating for INT this would be the strongest Spellbuff staff. Another problem is Izalith staff same stats, a weak Faith stat scaling and needs three points of Faith just you can cast a spell, it won't gain any extra power from Faith no "2s" or "3s" only "1s" and very weak points really, Izalith also won't boost the power of Dark Pyromancy since in the description it just says Sorceries. Same with this staff with its Faith scaling. Had it boosts the power of Faith Miracles then in the off we could of wield a chime or Talisman and deal extra damage to power scaling of 10% like a Mornes ring.


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Whoops, it's the Golden ritual spear... I meant Archdeacon Great Staff... Ok. Comment still stands though. I think a Spellbuff of 200 at 45 Faith is too much of an effort. We would still need at least 32 INT or 22 INT to usecertain spells like .. I guess 24 INT just to use Soul Arrows? I know without a doubt soul Arrows will most likely land to hit than Homing or Affinity, but even then, a Soul Spear is Great to use too..
First off this is a weapon catalyst, they usually don't have as good of a Spell Buff as dedicated catalysts do to balance out the fact that they are much better at doing damage than dedicated catalysts due to being a weapon as well. Plus you obtain this before the Archdecan's Great Staff, and even though you reach the covenant that gives it out not long after that. You still need 30 Human Dregs to obtain it, and that will take some tome to do no matter what.
Pimp cane ;)
I already beat the game, and the mimic isn't there, only a symbol of avarice :( anyone knows why?
you probably worked it out by now, but you just have to reload the area. it happened to me with the divine tome in the cathedral of the deep, so yeah just reload the area


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