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The Moonlight Great-sword Horse-man, Ludwig Von Beethoven.
Introducing **** from berserk.
Ahh... bringin' back *_all_* the memories, aren't ya'...
Man people really like this boss more then gerhman. Poor Gerhman even Laurence was like more then him.
“...more THAN Gehrman.” Basic English.


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apparently it's a good idea use fast attacks on him(rally). he's very fast so charged attack proof very difficult
Nah, you just need to git gud. Seriously. I beat him with the Boomhammer with plenty of vials left.
Haha I just beat him with the boom hammer too, no vials ng+7.. Almost killed my ***
Having all stats over 40 will help, much higher for NG+ or higher
Lvl 200 on NG? Of course he will be easy, DLC recommended lvl is 65-80
His attack power needs some serious reduction. He's just a boss. Not Kos.
I want the sword for my Arcane/Strength build, so I decided to kill him early game, as soon as I could get there.
If I add together all of the hours that I already spent fighting him, I probably obtain an amount of time that would have been enough to reach level 100 and build an end game weapon.
But after all of these attempts, my only purpose in this game, maybe the only aim in my life, has become to kill the **** horse...
Whirilygig Saw +9 and Beast Pellet and either bolt or fire paper. Good luck. A Saw cleaver could work in theory.
Thank you for the advice.
Maybe I’ll end up doing something like that.
I’ve tried for hours and hours with a +6 saw cleaver and I this fight has become a kind of personal challenge though, so I’ll only give up after another dozen hours or something like that :)
I hope you're still alive out there.
Even though this fight was one one my hardest challenges, it was one of my favorite battles. Ludwig is amazing, his theme is amazing, and the battle was amazing. This fight gave me chills! His first form was even harder for me because he is more aggressive and mercilessly charges at you and kicks you .I actually can't wait to start a new game a face him again, I'm a masochist for Ludwig rofl.
Be wary of horse.
Hey I’m trying to kill this guy and am asking for help. I just want the hmgs for my build. I’ll be waiting near the door.