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I have All of the rings from the main game, but for some reason í have not been hable to get the trophy, any ideas of why this could be happening?
In order to get the trophy you need to get all versions of the ring, +1, +2 and +3 if you have the DLC.
Ignore the first guy, only the vanilla rings are needed. Try dumping all of your rings in storage and taking them back out while double checking if you do have every iteration of the vanilla rings to be on the safe side.
Really? I have both DLC but i did not need the spells from them. This is the last achievement i need.
Hi I'm short the wolf ring for the trophy and wondering if anyone can help me out? PSN name is SnakeOwnsRaiden
Nice ID!
Can anyone give me an Obscuring Ring on PS4?
It only requires 10 pale tongues and you get almost half that just from random corpses. This is a nice easy place for you to start seeing what it's like to actually earn something rather than beg others.
@anonymous Dude I really would like to play together with you. It turns out that you really like the game :)
This may be really dumb but do I need any number of rings of sacrifice with me for the achievement?
I think you need only 1
I got all of the rings, but then I found out I needed all the + rings.... the ds2 illusion rings was worse.
well at least for dark souls 2 there is no achievements for rings
Does the silver seprent ring stack?


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With other soul increasing items, yes
No, not with itself
Never. No ring of the same type can be double equipped, in whichever combination of +n you may try.
You don't need the doc rings to get the achievement. Don't forget that the life ring +3 IS IN NG++ UNTENDED GRAVES. It's the only plus 3 ring you need for the achievement.
To get the achievement, you do Not need the DLC rings, if you own it or not. The only rings you need are the base game's and NG+/NG++ variants
Can anyone drop all the rings for the trophy please.
Psn is Kingarzs
What rings and what system?
Yes, but will have to discuss the price it would be worth for the time spent collecting them, for example, minimum wage * hours spent = trophy... but that's for a noob to get them for you, it might've cost less for you to hire a pro-gamer.
Can anyone drop the rings i'm missing for the trophy please?
And the winner of the, admitting to being nobody award without having any idea it was a competition award goes too? Congratulations Anonymous, and your award winning 'no' statement! You are a legend, figuratively that is anyway.