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I love how the author of this page didn't even mention once Lapp's true identity. Whoever wrote this is the real OG, keeping the spoilers for anyone who needs help. Good job author, you've earned my Siegbrau.
Meanwhile, comments give literally zero *****s about other people, who may care about the plot.
someone changed lapps name to lapp,totally not patches.
If Lapp dies, does Patches too? Will he disappear from the shrine?
*edit* nevermind, he doesn't.
Really liked finding that last siegbrau at the Dreg Heap after concluding his quest. A nice subtle touch that gives his character a lot of depth. His personality and helpfulness as Lapp, the concern he showed for Greirat, and then this last little gift even after he's back to "normal." Makes you wonder what kind of character he really is.
For turned friend Surprisingly really
Hmm...This guy looks and sounds a lot like patches. At least he neither of them have kicked me down a hole yet
well........shiney=bad Ok?
Is it possible to recieve the bones by just killing him at the earthen peak?
I received them killing him at ringed city streets without finishing his quest.
I was doing my second playthrough of the ringed city and after summoning Lapp for the Demon prince boss fight he never appeared again nor in the balcony neither sitting on the chair. Even went to the Shared grave and no luck either.What did i do wrong, in the first run had no problem at all.
I would guess it's a bug
He is still in dreg heap
Did you get the titanite slab in the back of the cave?
Actually, his whole questline can be done without him turning hostile after beating Gael.

You simply need to avoid his questline until Gael has been defeated, then you can begin his quest and complete it (to summon him for the Spear of the Church boss, you'll have to reinstate the king's decree)
It seems like this quest might lead to a guaranteed Symbol of Avarice. I beat the game and the DLC, then looked up how to finally find the Purging Stone. Told Lapp about it and then went to the Shared Grave. In one of the rooms, there was a Symbol of Avarice just sitting there (it might have been where the Mimic used to be?) The rest of the questline played out as expected: he was in a room squatting, kicked me over a ledge, and then I found Lapp's set when I got back up.

Haven't seen anyone else mention this happening, but it really made sense to me that after Lapp realized who he really was, I found a Symbol of Avarice. It could mean that he went scrounging for treasure, or it could mean that he left his Avarice behind, which is in line with him saying he was "devoid of all worldly wants".
Can confirm. Completed TRC several times without doing Lapps questline and never got a Symbol of Avarice. Just did his quest line for the first time and that same mimic dropped me a symbol.
God damn it Patches, I thought I already killed you?!