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I am making an new Character which Scales with strenght, Dex and Faith. Which starting Class should choose. The Bandit or Cleric.
It's indifferent. A class is a starting point, you can choose every path you want from that; what's important it's the equipment.
I suggest using a stat calculator to determine which starting class would best work with your goal stats. Sometimes you can meet your goal stats at a lower SL than others freeing up for more flexibility like a few extra points into END for better equipload and what not.
pyromacer with 50 Vitality, 40 Endurance, 40 Strength, 40 Dexterity build at level 129. Seems quite good for me. It also has 2 Slots for pyromancie.
how about a pyro with 50 Vitality, 40 Endurance, 40 Strength, 40 Dexterity build at level 129. Good stats and 2 Slots for pyro.
Hey so is the meta for pvp around 120?
shut up
120 or 125
When you find their armour in the world, you can think it as they died there and see how far they get throughout the game.
I did the exact same thing! I then made new characters with each and went to that area first as an alt. Ending for their story.
I did a little bit comparison between all starting classes
Why don't they have the same SL when all stats are the same?
While all stats are at 16
Pyro and Wanderer are SL 45
Warrior, Bandit, Hunter, Cleric and Deprived are SL 46
Knight, Thief are SL 47
And Sorcerer is SL 49
Um... Why did they make them like that?
Resistance in not considered for starting lv. Add all the other starting points and subtract the starting lv to determine that all are equivalent.
For each starting class, add all starting points except resistance and subtract the starting lv, and the result should be the same (71).
If you take resistance into account, the Pyromancer and the Wanderer give you one extra point than you would otherwise have at that equivalent Soul Level.

The Knight and the Thief have one less point than their Soul Level would give them, and the Sorcerer starts at 3 less points than their Soul Level would provide.

All the other classes are balanced for their Soul Level.
Why is the deprived so smart? And no Necromancer Class? 0/10 for this Game!^^
i always choose deprived because i hate having any stat less than 11. it's better to start naked anyway