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first of all this boss IS well made as there are more tips and replies for her than any boss from dark souls and nioh.
second thing is used pitchfire/ 2hand obsidian pillar (v) and attack ring/charm and she went down in 6 jumping strong attacks in about 45 seconds. also run and jump attack as soon as fight starts which will give you an immediate second chance to do it again after you recover. only used one pitchfire and it does out when collecting her gold. you don't need a shield just do it quickly. high strength helps with this. my hammer was swinging at base 187 on ng. each hit burns her for a bit after you do that jumping strong attack as well. you can get through most bosses with the obsidian pillar / (seawolf cutlass for third lamb) actually.
Some Strategies:

-Strong Slashing Weapon
(Chitin Obelisk with 34 strenght works wonders)
-Holy of Fire Buff
(Either through Prayer or Items)
-either no armour or light armour with high arcane resistance
-Fire Bombs can help

The actual fight
-dash towards her and spam 2-3 attacks
-try to stay under her and try to bait the magic barrage
-hit everytime she can't hit you

She is fairly squishy and should go down within 5-6 combos.
The Chitin Obelisk is more a striking weapon than a slashing one. 62.5% of its damage is blunt.
I tried every weapon (best and most appropriate for every class) against her to see how quickly I could kill her with melee in NG+7. Turns out Daggers are the way to go, no contest. More specifically the Eviscerator. With a Blessed Page or Pitch Fire, the fight barely lasts a minute if she doesn't troll you (Spoilers : she will). Now... with Divine Blessed Weapon at 50 wisdom and Golden Wine... you pretty much make her health bar turn yellow.
I almost beat her on the first try with my greatsword build with no armor, impen charm and holy pages. I'm using the Disembowled Husk boss weapon with a level 4 upgrade tier.
Didn't use a shield. Just stacked poison with wraithfangs and tried to stay alive until she died.
Easiest boss in the game
last time i checked i was playing salt and sanctuary not touhou
She is stopping me from completing my NG+ run for over a year now.
Had a hard time against her. Took me about 25 trys until I defeated her. Other bosses fell mich quicker, mostly within 3 trys.
Drained all of my precious gold