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It was around 130, which is not too high to 120 (so interaction is still avaliable). However, after little interaction for about 3 hours, i used my 9m souls and went to 146ish, and then 152 later on. I will be making a new Gravelord to replicate the build... maybe.

I made a vow to never make another build, though. I have a Darkwraith for Darkwraith Mulcter that is suppose to reach 180. Perhaps I shall stop at 120 for a while until the event finally kicks up. Got over 189 cracked eyes and over 100 gravelord eyes. Prepared to add some misery to the world as a Darkwraith Gravelord.

The difference between the two is not much: The uniform of the Darkwraith and Nito, the aspect of the two covenants being loners attacking possibly many at once, the aspect of Red Phantoms (although Gravelords stay as a host, their infected's worlds are Red Phantoms), they both require humanity to be able to use abilities of Darkwraithing/Gravelording, and they are able to kill fellow covenant members (A Red Phantom can kill another Red Phantom, however Blue Phantoms can not do the same). They harvest from enemies for themselves and there covenants (if they feel obliged to), and they seek for others to bring misery to.

So having a Darkwraith Gravelording would be not much of a stretch at all. The only difference is that the Gravelord is less direct than a Darkwraith.



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Greetings fellow Servants ., I just remembered something I have to share with you all Image

When I blessed a friend with BP's in his world a while ago , he SWITCHED characters , and the Black Phantoms were still there ... We were both +-SL120 , duelling at the stone giants area .

Is this known , or has this ever happened to anyone before ?

He also went to see if he was cursed in other area's but that was not the case , unfortunately.

I'd also like to mention that he had to kill me a few times for them to dissapear.

Ive heard it on several occasions allready that BPs didn't dissapear when I was killed..

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@Ziko - interesting find.I still consider myself a novice in regards to gravelording lore and capabilities but I would like to know if this was glitch or an indication of the staying power of our curses. It appears the curses are connected to the gamer tag rather than a specific toon of a player if indeed this was not a glitch.

@Dx - have you heard of this before?


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DxV04 wrote:
WyrmHero wrote:I didn't know Hollows could see Gravelord signs. Saw one when trying to invade as a Darkmoon (Hollow Form).

That is correct as the instructions state:

Your victims' bosses need not be alive as they invade you via your sign and they can be either hollow or human

So hold on... Is it possible to complete Painted World by going through the fog, not killing Priscilla, jumping down from the plank and then still Gravelording the PW when you come back? Or does completing the area count as a similar situation to killing the boss and make you unable to gravelord there anymore?



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You can go back and gravelord as long as Pricilla is still alive. Even if you exit when you come back she is still alive therefore you can gravelord
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DxV04 wrote:There really is no reason to kill her unless you want her tail.

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this was really useful i have actually learned a lot about gravelording. maybe now ill get some more succesful attempts. As for the perma curse i had one for about....3 months i think as i had been curse turned off my ps3 then and came back and next three months had them in pw. btw nice to see there still are others who gravelord kinda few in between.

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Nice little article, and thanks for posting!


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Just become a darkwraith instead lol