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Ah that f***ing b*tch... As a DB main, ok for the Kushala... ok for the Kirin... but the Lunastra... I'm becoming crazy at trying to kill her. Her paterns seems so random, and what's that movement's speed ?! Flash pods don't work, i'm always mistaken for her tail's hitbox. My true nitghtmare for this game.
The only way to fight her is to hide and hope she won't find you.
Ranged combat works wonders against her.
I soloed all the luna quests with DB and it's pretty doable but be prepared to burn thru pots. I cycle between Decimation claws (for high elderseal) and Fire & Ice - both work well. Stay directly underneath her and demon dance back in whenever she turns around. Buff up defense, fire resist and stun resist. Bring along all your mantles and use them liberally. It can be done!
The Unholy offspring of fire and death it self. Hide and pray it does not find you.
Nergi looks like a teddybear for me compared to this sh*t
Horn is also given as investigation reward if you break head. I have gotten 3 from rewards but not carves.
Lunastra Armors
Anyone else noticing that it's hitboxes on it's tail attacks are bullshittingly huge? There was an entire health booster AoE between me and the model for her tail and I still got hit from it. WTF that's inexcusably badly done.
You should look up "Plesioth hip check"
Hahahaha your hilarious
I have the opposite problem. I'll be hugging her side in front of her hind leg and somehow still manage to get hit by the tail, and I know that Teostra was never capable of doing that because that was always my damn safe zone.
So do Dung Pods just not work on her? I used the entire 10 in one go and nothing...
dung doesn't work on elders
Why the hell does your icon look like it belongs in dark souls
How much health does Lunastra have?
i really want to know too
Absolutely **** not. Cool Drinks don’t do ****. Fire Resistance is basically wearing a hoodie in the Gobi Desert, her nova will one-shot you unless you have a lance shield. Her heat saps your health like Zohan sipping a Fizzy Bubbly, her tail swipes track and have a larger aOe than Telstra. She makes Nergigante, Zorah, Kulve, Ceadeus, Kirin, etc... look like malnourished Kelbi. She will be nerfed at some point. Without a doubt in my mind cause this is 100% home-grown *******.
They absolutely have to nerf the b*tch. Everything you said, plus she runs like crazy, stays in one place for 5-10 seconds tops, then tackles you, and there she goes again. You can't stand in front of her because she burns you with a huge AoE flame, in the back she swipes you with that *****ng tail, stand a few meters back to heal and the blue flames melt your health like ice in a volcano. IMMUNE TO FLASH PODS. I swear to God, they chose the most annoying traits you can have in a monster and gave it all to this blue succubus.
She’s only hard with Teostra. After that she’s just Teostra with better fire attacks. 3 fire res gems can easily take lunastra’s virginity.
So, did the lunestra gem rotate out of the melder? Because i was hoping to use a gold print for it. Once i had gotten my print, i hurriedly ran to the melder elder to be severely disappointed. SEVERELY.