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i love the souls/borne games but hate the PVP. i play offline in all the other games but on ds2 it doesn't matter. i love the games due to them being a challenging SINGLE-PLAYER experience in offline mode, however i find myself being constantly invaded by phantoms that ruin my flow while i go through every area. i have just beaten the demon of song and have yet again been invaded by an offline invader. All i want to know is if the game is even worth finishing, because due to this constant annoyance ds2 is one of my most hated games, which is sad due to ds1 and bloodborne being two of my favorite games and ds3 being in my top ten

is the final battle anything close to gwyn or the soul of cinder? i'm ready to just forget this game even exists



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#2 Gwyn or the Soul of DS2 you'll have to face Queen Nashandra, and before facing her you'll have to beat many other bosses....from where you are, you are missing few areas before facing the last boss....
I think you should complete least the main story because it's really interesting...and the areas that awaits you are quite nice



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Well there are a ways to prevent the game in going online, like firewall. Within game mechanics you could as well be hollow and wear the ring of binding. Also, burning the effigy in bonfire reduces online interactions. So that there are ways to limit online play, which removes annoying invasions but you don't to get help for difficult bosses which can be double edge sword.

As for the game, well most of people agree that game is pretty good if not excellent. So yea, finish it it's well worth it.
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I have played ds2 for about 4 hours and i love it. I’m
Newer the the souls borne games and I’ve beaten ds3 and Bloodborne and almost done with dsrm. Ds2 may be the worst of the series but it’s very challenging and well made game. I think you should finish it just so you can say you finished them all


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If you mean the offline npc invaders, these are the greatest invaders ever made by from, hands down. I **** love Maldron the assassin...

I know this is an old post, but god, if only DS3 had ANY invaders like the ******* in the DLC for 2.