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For using it for a while, it’s actually a potent weapon, and it’s hilarious to kill bosses with a farmer’s tool.
it says parzian upgrade table instead of four pronged prow


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Fixed :)
Best weapon of dark souls 1. Maybe it'll counter the godly Curved Sword meta, which seems to have come here from dark souls 3. Damn you gold tracer. Damn you furysword. THE PLOW WILL SLAY YOU ALL!
The curved sword meta did not carry over from ds3, curved swords were the meta in ds1 ever since oroboro slapped some powerful buffs on a fast weapon and hit r1 a bunch.
I love when you ascend it with raw it's just called "raw plow". Sounds dirty heh.
I don't know what's funnier: the fact that this thing can get S scaling in Int at max Enchanted, or the fact that the FORK CAN KNOCK YOU OVER.
Just did an entire play through with this bad boy, and it never once disappointed. Great for farming.