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1st level spell, Transmutation 3 sec cast

+4 Might, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -4 Intelligence, and +1 Engagement for 30 seconds and you look like an ogre appropriate to your character's sex. While in ogre form you are unarmed, but use ogre fists... which hit harder than any other weapon, scale with character level, and do blunt/piercing and do not appear to benefit from unarmed proficiency because you do not have the option of the haymaker modal; ogre fists do not benefit from Transcendent Suffering and other, similar abilities. You are also equipped with "Tattered Armor" which doesn't advertise scaling, has 7 Armor Rating (at 1st level) and a whopping +100% recovery penalty. Ogres are slow, but they hit really... really hard.

Ogre Fists are melee weapons, dual wielded. 13-25 base damage crush/pierce, 6 base penetration, attack time 1.0 sec, recovery time 4.0. Accuracy, damage, and penetration scale with character level.

Tattered Armor is armor, 7 Armor Rating (9 vs Crush, 5 vs Slash), +100% Recovery Time. No mention of scaling.