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xXsadmirrorXx. Ps3 hit me up to co-op
Anyone started on DSR on xbox one? Nostalgia

Wouldn't mind a co-op run through
can someone help me with 4 kings
Hey guys im having a problem. I just got my white soapstone and im try to place it at the before taurus demon. it lets me use it but my sign will not appear on the ground. it immediately disappears.
Sounds like a connection issue man
Hey guys.... wouldn't mind a complete co-op playthrough!!

Can start from whereever... helping each other repeating each area til the end, I'm currently at Anor Londo but can start again. HMU

GT: JonG-1508
I need some help at Artorias. Pw is Beer, hope some1 see this. XD
Ah and it's on ps4 (remastered)
Anyone mind helping me kill sif? Trying to get into the dark wraiths on a low lvl character. In front of boss area password is sif no caps and on Xbox 1
Can someone please help me with the four kings?
In front of boss area, password is [yeeet] no caps
Can anyone help at dungeon bonfire for Manus? Building a character atm