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This wiki gives Deprived to much credit, it is really just for easy leveling.
Use the right too idiot...
Wow you guys make Deprived seem so amazing when Dark Souls 2 actually has the most crap Deprived class in the series. DS3 actually has the OP Deprived being level 1 but has 10 (YES TEN) points in every stat.
Plus DS3's (and DS1's) Deprived both start out with a decent weapon (Club). DS1's Deprived class also starts out with 11 in all stats and starts on SL 6. Deprived in DS1 don't even have the worst gear out of all the classes, their club is better than the Sorcerer's dagger and their shield in better than Pyromancer's shield. DS2's deprived is basically just shooting yourself in the leg though. You start with nothing and have stat distribution that is less than optimal for basically any build.
Too much whining, imho. Just punch the first 2~3 hollows in the face, get a dagger, kill 5~6 more, get a sword, get the key to the blacksmith and buy whatever the heck you want. By this point, you're as good as any other class. Deprived is really a class to make the game a little harder in the beginning, and it does that, for beginners. Even if it's your 1st time playing dark souls it's not that hard. My first character was a deprived, then I bought those fists, because I wanted to fist people. That didn't work too well, but it wasn't too hard in the beginning, my problem was with the 3rd boss, then I bought a club with that old woman and finished the game. My second character was also a deprived, I bought a rapier, enhanced it to +10, found a shield and finished the game.
Yeah I can't even think of anyway to really say the DS2 Deprived is good unless you're going SL1 or challenging yourself using that covenant that makes the game insanely hard. Other then that its trash just use Explorer and start off "weak" per se but with extreme utility
Deprived is life. Hands down. I don`t care about the stats anyway. I respec so frequent it`s just good to have equal stats than some dedicated stats for that.
I play every character in every Dark Souls as deprived. I like the idea that I'm starting with next to nothing and can go in whatever direction I want with my build. And after just finishing a play through on Dark Sould Remastered, I just started another Dark Souls 2 run, both of course as deprived (and with no starting gift). It's fun for my immersion.
The ‘broken straight sword’ is also a good starting weapon.
I picked Deprived because I feel its the class that describes me the most.
I started a file with this character. My reasoning is the same as anybody else's, I love the thrill of making a character who can be whatever story they chart out for themselves. A large but not imposing physical build. Scrapes of hair in the back, orange eyes, a Tattoo cyan colored. His name is Solomon, a man who wandered into Drangleic with no memory of anything before other than his name being Solomon. After rescuing a scrappy young woman who was petrified, Solomon took up Pyromancy, and as the flames danced in his hands, Solomon settled into his new life, cradling and understanding both the power, the pleasure, the protection, and perversion that the magic of the First Flame provides, from both his actions and what he learns in lore and myth.