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Splitleaf of Gael's greatsword for dex build?
Neither, gael's greatsword is for quality builds, and splitleaf is for strength or quality builds.

but if you have to pick one, splitleaf, it's moveset is awesome


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Does anyone have a spare Splitleaf Greatsword that I can have?
But then you lose out on the adventure of finding it my dude
Yeah, going shopping in a videogame is so **** exciting...
"NoT bRoKe JuSt GoOd! WhY yOu GoTtA bE sAlTy bRo? XD" -Everyone who uses a splitleaf.
As a Splitleaf main I can confirm this.
Souls community is dumb as*****
Is it really a C/A scaling with a sharp infusion?
Strange how we just can buy it. You see Lapps running around with it and instead of wondering what weapon he might fight with...we already have it. Bought. What?! Imagine that with Mornes Hammer or the Frayed Blade from Half-light. Would have been better in my opinion to get it as a reward for completing the Lapps questline or to kill Lapps to get it early. But pay the price for not having him as a coop buddy and his armor set. But no...we just go shopping. "Cool"...
Yup, she could sell the Aquamarine instead but noooo
S rank top tier weapon.

60 str/15 fth (blessed weapon)/base dex/26 vit


Light helm + executioner and exile armor parts give you over 38.23 poise, allowing you to facetank everything not a greatsword.

Just space and r1, run to enemies, r1 hitconfirm ohk combo, rinse and repeat. Always play passively and force them to trade.

I won 27+ straight invasions in ringed city yesterday with this thing, 0 losses. Blues just kept running into my combo to get blended to death. In one specific invasion there were 15+ phantoms who ran into me to give me free estus recharge over and over. It was marvelous. Some branded PUGS blue l1ed blindly into me, got outspaced and oneshot. Literally infinite estus LOL

Literally no other weapon performs this consistently. It's 100% invincible when you abuse mobs and space reactively.

This isn't new, we've known this since like week 1 of DLC2.
I flattened Kirk with this.
I also think it can block projectiles
The Weapon Art has the ability to deflect crossbow bolts, although I'm not sure about arrows. I assume it does those too.
"Splitleaf doesn't need to be nerferd! Just never get hit by a single r1 bro! Just parry it bro!" Little did tryhard duelist #78291465 know, ds3 pvp was never balanced around 1v1 duelling, it was balanced around invasions!