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Im so freaking hard


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That 2h R2 is worth all that stat investment...
You guys are making jokes about penis!
I believe this is the strongest Artorias greatsword providing you have 10 humanity, shame about the easy to dodge r2s though
They may be easy to dodge however they also deal devastating amounts of damage so all one needs to do is wait for the right opening and the match is practically won
Three variants of the same sword. I guess From has a sword and demon fetish
"demon fetish"
Don't we all?
Do you not?
WHat the ***** do demons have to do with any of this
Asylum Demon is used three times also. >Asylum Demon >Demon Firesage >Stray Demon
since when is it enchantable ?
It is not. Just confirmed on ps4
Can wield it normally without intelligence and faith?
Yeah, but it will bounce every time you hit something
This or the greatsword of artorias
Yes This is gold
Disappointing you need an INT and FTH requirement for it to not bounce off of things.
Same as with the other artorias swords
Its unique how its design is it damaged