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I love this boi. He's so chubby and dopey and eats rocks, I love it.
The cutest of the cutest of the cutest
easiest monster in elder's recess
He's not the monster. You are for hunting such an awesome boi
looks a bit like the great jagras, only cuter
Cookie Monster
Got a small gold crown at exactly 1000.00
Best Monster
Best boi
I got a small crown that was 1111.11 _/(·-·_/)
I beat it just a couple days ago for the first time and I must say, it is far easier than was to be expected since it is in high rank. Even with a relatively low power glaive I beat it just fine
you sick ***** why would you kill this thing and mock how easy he is. someone execute this man...
And you are proud of that?
looks like my wife
Damn your wife is fine as *****.
Bet she’s happy to hear that