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I love this boi. He's so chubby and dopey and eats rocks, I love it.
The cutest of the cutest of the cutest
easiest monster in elder's recess
He's not the monster. You are for hunting such an awesome boi
looks a bit like the great jagras, only cuter
Cookie Monster
Got a small gold crown at exactly 1000.00
Best Monster
Best boi
I got a small crown that was 1111.11 _/(·-·_/)
I beat it just a couple days ago for the first time and I must say, it is far easier than was to be expected since it is in high rank. Even with a relatively low power glaive I beat it just fine
you sick ***** why would you kill this thing and mock how easy he is. someone execute this man...
looks like my wife
Damn your wife is fine as *****.