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I love how it looks like Steven King designed it
Im doing a challenge where i can only use the starting axe for pyromancer and pyromancy to beat the game. I was on the gaping dragon with a +2 hand axe, it took 15 min and 49 damage per swing while doing it 2 handed light attack. 15 min later i beat the gaping dragon. His attacks arent even that hard to dodge its just so suspensful him being at like 500 health left for like 5 min and only doing 49 damage per swing. (I didnt have any resin.)
nice dude



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Good for you. It sounds challenging; not because of the boss' difficulty as to say but instead the endurance such a fight would need, and as you said, the tension it delivers. Good luck with the rest of your challenge.
I almost always make a point to skip this boss because of my first horrific experience with it. My first time playing Dark Souls, I didn't know that weapon upgrades were a thing until Anor Londo and I had to go against the Gaping Dragon with an unleveled scimitar. The fight took me over 10 tries to finish because I didn't know what was going on with his running attack, and when I finally finished it, it took me almost 30 minutes for the whole fight. I almost gave up on Dark Souls right then and there, but a friend managed to convince me to co-op with him to get through the next couple areas. Through an absolute miracle, he managed to drag me through Blighttown and Sen's Fortress without any major complications. Almost as soon as we started the Iron Golem fight, he realized why I wasn't doing any damage and he almost pissed himself laughing over voice chat. Suffice to say that I've never lived that one down, even though it's been almost 4 years now.