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So, I like to create twink characters to help out low level beginners. After picking up the occult club in Anor Londo I thought my changes were down the drain. They weren't! I even converted the club back to a divine club +5 and I am still summoned by beginners (I semi-validate this based on their gear, damage output and behaviour). My character is SL10, and has only normal weapons upgraded to +5, and +8 armor set. Also a +5 pyromancy flame. No special weapons upgraded besides the (pick-up) occult club.
On another character I upgraded the pyromancy flame to +10, and it felt like I dropped out of range for beginners! This isn't proven yet, but I have a hunch that this also has an influence.
Your a good man. Most twinks I have ran into feel like it's their job to harass beginners
So if im using a +5 unique weapon (ie BKS) AND a +5 unique shield (silver knight shield), in order to be summoned, my would-be host must have BOTH a weapon +11 or higher AND a shield +11 or higher?
First the bonfire, then the cloth physics, and now this...
Check out project goof on yt. He has vid explaining how matchmaking works in ds remastered
His video is inaccurate or outdated. He states throughout the video that the acceptable gap is 5 upgrades to avoid being scaled down (with later upgrade levels allowing a 6 upgrade gap). I followed this guideline, and was constantly scaled down until my friends got within 4 upgrades of me. None of us had any upgraded shields or unique weapons to affect our playthrough.
So "Using a password bypasses any level or weapon limitations." Does this also mean for invading friends? I've tried it with 2 different friends and none of us could invade each other. Co-oping worked fine though.
You can't use password to invade
U have to have a red soapstone for it to work
wait does armor upgrades effect the summon range too in remastered?
No it doesn't
YES, it does
No it doesn’t who ever told you it does is misinformed
You bet it does.
FFS, can someone give a definite answer to this?
I upgraded my silver knight armor and I went from having immediate invasions to none at all. Pretty mad, it clearly did something to my matchmaking.
I'm the person below. It started working again. Hm. Upgrading armor is probably alright.
Hi, guy from below again. Everything changed after I upgraded my
crimson gear to+4. I'm no longer able to help scrubs in the burg.
Armor level does NOT affect invasions only weapons do and has been tested, if someone else says otherwise they are wrong.
I think you misunderstand me. I said that upgrading my gear prevented me from being summoned. I said nothing about invading people.
Upgrading armor DOES effect being summoned for co-op. Confirmed.
I've got a question. My brother and I are trying to summon each other with a password, but when I use the soapstone it disappears. My character does the animation but no summon sign shows up, it lights up and that's it, gone. We've tried on different areas and nothing. Anyone have any ideas? I've been looking for someone experiencing the same but no luck so far. P.S. I'm posting this everywhere I can.
Make sure that the area boss is not dead (if that's the case, you cannot summon ally phantoms), and also that, in network settings, summon sign visibility (or something like that) is unrestricted.
this means the servers aren't working, try again later
Also make sure your network settings are UNrestricted global dosent mean much
Same problem here. My friend and I were playing without any glitches until we got invaded in the catacombs. Haven't been able to connect since.
maybe i miss smth. but what is with the pyromancy flame, its the only upgradeable catalyst and technically its ascended form +5 is a +20 normal weapon, or does it count as a +5 weapon?


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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR REMASTERED PLAYERS: Investigation has revealed that the summon ranges for several Summoning Items in the Remastered Edition of the game are different from their counterparts in the original. Notably, the Blue Eye Orb apparently now has the same summon range as the Red Eye Orb, and the Dragon Eye and White Sign Soapstone use the level of the summoner, not the summonee in calculating ranges. THIS INFORMATION IS RUMORED AND NOT YET CONFIRMED However, until a determination can be made regarding this, please understand that the Summon Range Calculator may provide heavily inaccurate information for these items for players of the Remastered Edition.
Yes in deed, in the Oficial Guide from Future Press says that.
I'm unable to summon someone with a password on and we both have the same password, fresh char for them and pinwheel and taurus dead for me and fire zwei and gravelord gs.