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Got my *** handed to me by it today did not know about it considering i just got dlc sad times
Upgrade it to +5 and get 60-66 strength. It will do more damage than all the other great hammers. Also, the weapon art is a buff.
But why when i could have Vordts which has perseverance and frost bite to boot? Also you can be very easily knocked out of the weapon art
Well, at 66 strength the weapon has an AR of 681. With the buff, it gets to 732 AR which is much more than Vordt's. Also, this weapon has a combo. R1 into the weapon art deals almost 1000 damage in pvp. Add to that, the amazing hyper armor this weapon has. Personally, i think it's the best strength weapon in the game.
how many poise HP does ledo 2h R1 have?
so many
With 40 poise you're basically unstoppable with it.
30.8? That's what most Great Hammers have. Unless Ledos for some reason has more poise health than others.
I'm in love with this weapon it is the best strength weapon for gank spanks with 40 poise you're basically unstunnable. I recently killed am entire team of four by bashing thier skulls in it was beautiful.
40 poise with this thing is very very expensive, though. Probably hard to do at meta level. Even my meta level 66 STR build that has 30 VIT can only get about 27 Poise. That's including the secondary Longsword and Hornet Ring.
For more trick, in 1-1 battle, I just wait opponent to attack. During opponent is attacking, encounter with R1 their attack will be break meanwhile I could continue attack them for another hit without stops. I have used this trick and kill for more than hundred now.
Remember Dark Souls 1, when Dragon's Tooth was almost comically badass because of how ridiculously massive it was? Such quaint old times.
Havel set+Havel Shield+Hammer of pain= dwayne rock johnson with a hammer
by running the SL250 meta, right?
I'm using this Millwood great bow and Boulder heave and Im having such a blast with my build. Bumped faith to 15 to use earth seeker for more earthy powers
At 66 str it gives 296+385 ar, contrary to what the article says. ds3 v 1.13
Although this is the best looking hammer in the game its really***** in PvE. Dont know about PvP. The reason is compared to Vordts hammer: Ledos hammer is slower, takes more stamina (only 4 hits possible at 99 endurance with ring of favour +3) while Vordts can do hyper poise weapon art plus deal 5 hits in a row with 40 endurance and ring of favour +3. Vordts hammer has frostbite damage which scales with enemy HP therefore is naturally better in PvE for Ng(+++..). Vordts hammer have better poise during attacks the winged knights in the archives dont stagger me but with ledos hammer they do stagger me during 2handed attacks also if i do the weapon art. Leods wepaon Art is only good for buffing damage not for poise gain. It provides close to zero additional poise. Plus Vordts hammer has faster attack speed. All in all ledos great hammer sucks for PvE (too slow, too much stamina consumption and too low damage at the higher ng+..+)
You uh, do realize all Great Hammer share the same swing speed and poise health right? So, you're wrong, lol. Also why would you be swinging this thing 4 times in a row?
Really? Didn't know, thanks. What about Mining pick? I suppose that one is the exception. (I'm not topic creator)
Anyway... Is this true for all weapon classes? Or is it only for the great hammers? Cause I swear greatswords have varied swing speed!
Pickaxe is the exception yes, because it has the Great Axe moveset. But no, all Great Hammers swing the same speed but albeit some have increased stamina consumption on swings (an example would be Great Club vs Ledos for stamina drain. For most weapon classes? Yes. They all share the same moveset minus some in the Halberd class (see Gundyrs Halberd swing vs Red Hilted Halberd) or the Greatsword class (see Hollowslayer swing vs Claymore; Hollowslayer is faster) some exceptions like that come into account. Other than that they all swing the same, the only thing they don't share is AR, reach, and most of the R2s.

IMO I still think Great Club is the best hammer. For PvP and PvE. I've never tried Ledos in PvE but in PvP, it's very good.
Now that R1 into L2 true combo was patched out this hammer as well as all the great hammers are trash tier in pvp. From what i've tested the only true combo left is R1 into foward +R1 but that is true for every great hammer. Meanwhile Gael's and Splitleaf true combo into 1000 damage straight with hyper armour lol. Nice balancing job. I guess From Soft never meant hammers to be a thing in pvp.