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Inside the spoiler tags are any problems i encountered, and their status's.

URGENT DISCOVERY (25th Sept 2015): It seems background streaming isnt always required but this may be mod-dependant. I was experiencing crashing on the Overlord DLC (as you enter Atlas station) and i discovered if i disabled the Streaming fixes that the crashing went away AND i was still able to play as an NPC, Veetor in this case. At first i thought it was only because the Quarian assets would have been loaded anyway (as thats where alot of the geth resources are as well) buuut when i returned to the Normandy and changed shepard to Veetor as casual wear, it worked! AND I HAD GLORIOUS SOUND! ....This requires more investigating as i was told the streaming fixes were required to have sound when using mods, and to even use the mods at all.

UPDATE ON URGENT DISCOVERY (5th Oct 2015): So i've confirmed it (partially anyway), the streaming fixes are only required when trying to play as one of your squad. If you try it on any other NPCs (I tried a generic turian) then it loads perfectly without the streaming fixes and you get to keep all the level sounds/normandy sounds/etc... Woohoo!

General Bugs/Sacrifices/Serious Errors


Quick Updates (Last Update: 6th September 2015)


Quarian Soilder: (Actually Veetor'Nara)


Geth Troopers - Elite/etc


Helmet Variations for Turian/Batarian/etc


Generic Turian Head



Hello everybody!

So you probably actually knew this was possible. I've beaten Mass Effect 2...i dont even know how many times now and i went looking again to see if we could change Shepard to look like Garrus, or Legion or anything else in fact. Back when i first looked i came up empty. Turns out i didnt look hard enough and in the depths of the old BioWare Social Network there were some .me2mod files that allow us to do exactly that, we can have Shepard look like Garrus, Tali, Thane, heck even Legion if we want. I was even able to use Tali's version to create a Quarian Soilder (now discovered as Veetor) from her loyalty mission that we can use :D

Alas there are some sacrifices you must make if you'd like to use them.  To save you time...well...actually for the low cost of 50minutes of your life you can see these customisations in action and then decide if you'd like to use them!

Here's 2 videos of these mods in action. The first showcases the mods themselves and the second is more of a gameplay sample to more emphasize on the problems you may encounter. I've seen people on the Forums here and elsewhere who've wanted to play as another species in Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 and whilst this is just a stopgap i think some may find it fun.   Just remember....sacrifices.  Enjoy!

VIDEO 1: Showcasing the mods - They work! :D

VIDEO 2: Gameplay sample - Collector area and Tali's Recruitment Mission - Cook mod vs already cooked assets by game

So, you've watched the video and decided this would be worth it? Or maybe you just want to improve the files/add fixes/create your own? Great! The files are below;

Sidenote: These files shouldnt ever dissapear, but if they do please let me know and i'll re-upload them! As well as being online they are archived on 3 different platforms so there should be no trouble.


Please be sure to check any [SPOILER] areas, especially the Quick Updates as there could be fixes, or new things to add to the experience! :D

Sooo you've got the files, but now what? If you just want to apply the .me2mod files then copy the ME2 Mod Manager to a conveinent place, i stored it in /Documents/BioWare  , run the program, select the mods you want and run the game from the Mod Manager. (BEWARE ANY EDITS YOU'VE MADE TO INI FILES MANUALLY OR WITH OTHER PROGRAMS WILL BE RESET. (Keybindings/etc))

If you want to make any fixes or edits, i am going to assume you already know what your doing. However for those willing to learn, this is where i had to start; [Click!] (ME2 Modding is possible II (PC Only))

That post may be daunting, but its what helped me make that Quarian Soilder (now known as Veetor) possible! And even though its only usable as combat armor i am proud of it :')

Do you want to play as Garrus, Tali or even Wrex in Mass Effect 1? Head on over here: [Click!] (Playing as an NPC is possible (Garrus, Tali, Wrex etc)

and what about mass effect 3 and andromeda ?how to play as geth in ME 3 and as a turian in ME:A???