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Can someone please help me on dark souls one please on Xbox one
I can help if you're still needing it. Boomsmack1 on xbox
still need?
could someone pls help out in anor londo @ ornstein and smough on pc pls?
i'm here if u need help ;)
Hello there! i am making Holly Cooperation , add me on steam ( DiamondChui ) and we will play :D
if anyone needs help on dark souls 1 for xbox 360/one let me know, my gamertag is xHell Awaits i have level 122, 96, and 55 accounts.
Muj nick to BeguiledZebra9 jak chcesz to możemy pograć daj znać ( oczywiście na Xbox 360 ) a ostatecznie na one) mam 158 poziom i przechodzę grę 3 raz na tej postaci i mam jeszcze dwie inne a
i need a discord to join
Anyone need help in Ds1?
Hey I do need some help. Are you on ps3??
Hey my psn name is lonewolfmedic69
Help ps3 lvl 19 qulaag
Anyone have tips for the Abyss Watchers? PS4 btw
yes dont die
Lvl 55 help 4kings ps3
PS3 kalameet sl 128
i need to power lvl, darksouls 2. plz