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This is an excellent build while starting off. I was using it all the way up until I got Warrior of the East set. Do you think it's worth switching to something else as you progress or sticking with this and just forging new ones every so often?


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There are so many sets that It mostly depends on your playstyle. Try finding a weapon you feel confident with and grab a set that empowers it. I really enjoy The Crossed Sickles set - 2x close combat damage increase and back attack damage. Combine it with skills that allow you to jump behind your opponents and hack away.
One day I will definitely try the Fanatic Set (keep your hp low for insane bonuses and be sure to equip Suzaku for a free revive). Ranged (Yatagarasu set) build might also be viable - especially if you play with a friend.
Tf do you mean THREE TIMES damage reduction, you're nuts. And two times close combat damage? Nope.
I think he means 30ish something percent.
WHERE are the stats you **** *?
How can you expect anyone to make a build without the **** stats required?!