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I've got a tone of blood echos that I dropped after being killed by the boss ''Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos'' I've been trying for hours to kill it, picking up my echos then dying again. I would love some help. PSN is JeffTheRipper93
Just saying, but people can't join other people unless their level is withing 32 levels of their own.

So a level 190 can't join a level 20....
Confirmed, when dying and restarting the game, any previous bloodstains are found at the Lecture Building 1st floor lamppost. There's probably other places that this happens, but we should test to see if the souls stay where they were if you, say, quit, and go Back to the lamppost at which you Lost the souls. Maybe it's a real in game mechanic, because a glitch that it may be, it probably is meant as security for another glitch.
Just exit the game and your bloodstain will be at lecture hall 1F

Happy hunting
Go in, pick them up, use a bold hunters mark.
What lvl are you ?
If you still need lvl 95
If you still need lvl 95
I'm level 190, if I can help just message me
If you are doing a strength build take a kirkhammer. Beat her in only 2 tries. Just get behind her and use the charge attack on hammer mode. While her aattacks hit like a truck, her windups are long enough for a hammer charge attack and the bossfight won't last longer than 3 minutes or so
People say that with Beasthood, all it does is increasing damage for short period of time. If so, why? Why did it say about being "temporarily transformed" in the discription? It couldn't just be for that beastly gloved weapon, could it?
Many, many, many month later... ... ... came back here to see what I had written... see this sentence : "the only thing that did make him a monster, at the opposite of us, is that he embrace the lust of blood."

And what item / rune help us to transform into a beast, now ? "Beast's Embrace"... ... ... could it be possible ? Or is it pure luck ?
WRONG, MY FRIENDS ! In therm of Lore : it's perfectly possible ! You all forget that there is one man, who was able to control his inner beast... and to hide it... it's The Suspicious Beggar ! He's... "human", as much as we are. Of course as he said, he never asked for this. And it's normal after all : it's the curse of Yharnam ! Yet... yet he was able to maintain his sanity, his human shape... hell ! He was even able to speak ! So : why not us ? Well... the only thing that did make him a monster, at the opposite of us, is that he embrace the lust of blood...

BUT : once again, we do embrace it, too ! That's what help us to stay alive, to evolve, to upgrade, it's even the freakin' money of tomorrow ! Yet, the lust for blood of this man was absolute... any blood would have been good for him : old, pure, saint, "*****" [ my apologies for this horrible word ]... We, we only took the blood of beasts, driven mad by their own desires while we walk through a hard path. And for the others, it's simple : we asked them, and they gave it to us ! We didn't need to murder them. That's what make the difference between beast and hunters : one wants blood, at any cost ; the other seek it, to evolve...
But through the dark of the night, under the crimson moon... who could tell the difference between them ?

BTW : He say "Have you got a screw loose? Or is it your animal's instincts?"... suggesting two things :
1) the more obvious : the fact that hunters are nothing else than killers who hunt beasts because that's what they are, even if they were humans before...
2) the fact that, just like him, we've got a beast inside of us. And maybe i'm going to far, but... By seeing how strong he is... I think he's / was a hunter like us... a strong one.
I don't notice a delay in attacking or evading. Are you sure you aren't using heavy slow weapons, and your stamina meter isn't empty?
I am prity sure that something is fishy here. The lack of transformation, despite it`s been mentiont in the past and would make a lot of sence lore-wice, Just three covenants, despite their is a whoul slot for Oath runes.... I bet it there are three posibilitys:
1: All these things are in the game, but are insanly well hide (unlikly, but could be possible)
2: Some people belive that their is more in the game which is curantly dissabled because of bugs and will be patched
3: (Worst option, sadly possible) They going to sell a DLC with Beastmode + More Covenants (idk, I would lose respect for fromsoft when they pull something like this)
Guys, first please, stop comparing the Souls and Bloodborne: they're both awesome, but explore different gaming paths, so stop it. About the beasthood, it seems weird to me it's just a damage boosting mechanic. Even the Hunter of Hunters covenant kinda refer to it in my opinion: "These watchmen admonish those who have become addled with blood. Be they men or beasts, anyone who has threatened the pledgers of "Hunter" oath has an issue with blood." Hope they'll enhance it in the patch (or in the dlc)
Honestly this feels just like ds1. ds2 sucked and its cuz he didn't make it. This is the real successor but it just feels the same love the game but was hoping for something new and different and the beast claws aren't it. They are just like the dragons head thatblew fire you could equip in ds1 and so far I've seen no covenants to join just ur bells.. And I miss the miracles havin them around was nice miss the bows haven't seen those yet and the guns are just a little lame in my opinion. I feel like a lot of the mechanics I loved are missing like bonfire leveling and travelling. So much loading time in this one. Still great game just not sure if it compares to ds1
For the comment just above :
Indeed, it's really strange... but please, could you remind me : from where did came the informations about the transformation, exactly ? ideas on paper ? theory in work ? true fact proven by gameplay ?
Personally, if the addition of proper new gameplay is in DLC, I would not mind... as long as it deserve the price, of course ! Becoming a beast, even if it's just in PvP area sounds pretty cool to me, I think there's potencial about it : I can clearly see two or three hunters dropped into a zone [ an arena like the labyrinth... or a world where one of the players transformed himself into a beast, inviting every hunters of the region to slice his furry *** ! (O w O ) ]
but is it really possible ? Wasn't it just... a dream that they had ?

Oh, BTW : the fact that Gascoigne say : "afraid to show your true face, eh?" means technically nothing... not because he became crazy, but because he also said : "...Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later..." which means that, to his point of view : everyone is a potential prey ; a beast in becoming. Even if they aren't, for Gascoigne it means "they aren't... yet !" (^_^ )
Before the game came out it clearly said in froms text that you can consume your own heart and gain blood to strengthen your beast alter meaning in beast form the cotrols was harder to use as you was full blown beast the whole reason i got this game was the lore and the fact ill be *****ing players up in pvp as a werewolf or slowing someones process by helping the boss now i only get blood from werewolves and claws thats cool but dumb at the same time
Via the lore, you wouldn't want to transform into a beast anyway because there is no going back(see bosses: papa G, VA, cleric beast. It would essentially be game over.
Gotta wonder... why do we get a "roar" gesture? Be kinda cool, if you did the gesture, after filling the beast meter, and you transformed. Anyone try it?
We will probably get the information we need when the strategy guide is released and there will be a patch alongside it. Maybe there is a way to transform but they will only "unlock" it on a patch or (in the worst scenario) in a DLC? When EpicNameBro (search on YouTube for this channel), that worked on the guide, was talking about the Beast Blood Pellet and Beasthood, said that there are other uses to the Pellet and "I am going to let the community puzzle on that. I'm sorry, a lot of the stuff I only know because I worked on the guide, so I kind of have two things that I need to consider when I'm talking about it and... the first one is stuff that should be revealed in the guide and the second one is that you want to give the community the chance to find some of this stuff." Throughout his videos he leaves some tips that it may be a thing. Of course, this doesn't confirm anything, he may just be creating some drama over the Beast Claw, but it also can mean that Beasthood has other uses we don't know yet.
Besides, I doubt From would make a whole status that changes based on your Insight (a pretty relevant thing in the game) and whose name has such impact (pretty sure everyone thought about turning into a beast the first time they heard or read "Beasthood") just for 1 weapon and 1 consumable item.
And humanity was way cooler than insight tho I don't miss the grind
Ummm, Gascoigne could transform into a beast and (with some help via the music box) turn back. He even mentions your "true face" referring to all hunters having beastblood and thus being able to transform.

Also the Beasthood effect dropping your defense is bullsh*t since Gascoigne actually GAINS defense as well *** damage when he transforms. The lore makes no sense, don't even try to defend it.
Dang, how I would love to know more about this Beast Form or Beast Mode but there is so little information about it, save one small article about it and that Caryll Rune called the Beast.
SPOILERS: lol he isn't a "poor dude", he's deceiving you. kill him before he starts killing survivors...
Interesting note: this weapon replaces the item equipped for the player's Arms slot for cosmetic purposes. So regardless of any gloves or gauntlets you have on, you'll still look the same while you have the weapon out.

While that part's not terribly surprising, I've also noticed that while doing gestures, the transformed beast claws remain on the player's hands, which can make for some pretty amusing emotes. Fittingly, you can do a Roar while still having them on.

When non-transformed, the weapon simply disappears during gestures, which means you won't have anything on your hand. Even if you have gloves/gauntlets equipped, you still appear with bare hands.
SPOILERS: lol he isn't a "poor dude", he's deceiving you. kill him before he starts killing survivors...
You are dumb kid. Where's your "hard proof"? At the end of the day, what proof do you have, hmm? What links can you provide that are credible, that are not translations? Anyone can sit here and ***** like a child, it takes a man to address the issues with answers and ideas. You just want to ***** for the sake of *****ing, and who is this we? What are you, legion? FFS kid, learn japenese then you self entitled little prick.
SPOILERS: lol he isn't a "poor dude", he's deceiving you. kill him before he starts killing survivors...
Plus if you didn't know, From never actually stated you'd turn into a werewolf or even anything remotely beastly'. That ***** was fan rumors based on *****ty *****ty japanese translations. Find some hard proof From told the fans they could turn into a werewolf that isn't from a fan forum with a link to some early release info or badly done interview with some developer speculation.
SPOILERS: lol he isn't a "poor dude", he's deceiving you. kill him before he starts killing survivors...
Wow ! This eletric beast is impressive ! But when I came here there was no beast ... just a dude crying because his friends have been butchered and he doesn't know how and why. I tell him to go to the "Safe Place" (the cathedral ward lantern). So this poor dude is the beast ! But he doesn't remember what happened ^_^
So yes I'm 100% sure there is (there will be) a way to turn into a beast. We know that Gascoigne can turn and this poor dude too, why not us ?
SPOILERS: lol he isn't a "poor dude", he's deceiving you. kill him before he starts killing survivors...
Dammmn, gonna haft to call da amberlamps for dat sick burn.
Haha ok, I will keep en eye on him so :) !
By the way yes the old lady has been killed xD
There has to be something more to this beast form. This optional enemy npc is a little too well detailed for a fight that lasts less than a minute! there's definitely more to it... maybe like a hint of things to come when we finally get the ability to transform? I mean, pay close attention it's hands. They look exactly identical to the beat-claw's transformed state...
For each Insight you have, it reduces the Beasthood stat by 5.
Correction to what I stated above, the difference each Insight makes is based on how much Insight you have. In other words, Insight effects Beasthood by 5 from 10-20 Insight (maybe), but from 20-30 Insight each Insight effects Beasthood by 4.
With 61 insight my beast meter looked like a quarter inch. So I spent all my insight... Now the bar is a inch and a half long! More Insight means better beast mode because small bar.
Equaled roughly 50% dmg boost.

The higher the beasthood stat, the longer the bar. The further you fill the bar up the more damage is granted.
Well, it can be that, but the "Werewolves" were orignally human infected VERY long ago. Like, 5 or 6 years. You yourself (Your character) comes to Yharnam because you got infected somehow and heard that Yharnam had a cure, so you go, get caught in the "Nightmare", wake up to see (I think) Gherman and that's where the story of your character starts.

There isn't any mention of a cure. You will eventually transform into a beast, although in a slower rate than most since you got transfusioned with the "Good Blood", whatever that is.
Yup. ENB - guy who worked on the guide - confirmed this.................... what a fkn let
It sounds like spirit bar for longsword in monster hunter
Did anyone ever think that the whole transformation thing is just merely a plot device? Remember the character has that plague that everyone in yharnam has which turns people into beasts, they say it frequently to show contrast between characters and to point out how *****ed up people become because of it.
Omg someone who play MH! Whoo!


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since blood tinge is technically physical, does it also get a buff?
Bloodtinge's scaling effects the "Blood ATK" stat on weapons. Specifically, Beasthood only effects the "Physical ATK" stat on weapons.
Why is thete no visual gauge? And why the hell dont you actually transform like the whole plan was? Just some dumb aura, they leaked so much false info, its just souls with guns and top hats.
If you use the beast rune and beast claws, you do. Surprisingly, yes it's similar to darksouls, just with a different story, faster gameplay different mechanics, different visuals, and different weapons
This is dumb. The mechanics in Borne is significantly different than Souls.
Everyone here is just whining about how we don't get to be werewolves. Beasthood, the damage that it brings you, and the amount of stagger that you can get BECAUSE of that damage, is more of a rush than a lot of other things in the game. It's been really fun so far.