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It does almost the same amount of heal than soothing sunlight and is more mana efficient for a pure mage build.
It's also most-likely more efficient for more than a small number of player builds, who tend to cap Vigour around 40-50.
Yeah, you can easily get a full heal at 30-50 Vigor on a high faith build with this, making Soothing Sunlight redundant in solo play. Soothing Sunlight exists for group healing (it has a larger AoE) and extremely high level play. I suppose if you're running a pure vigor build Soothing Sunlight could theoretically be worth it, but at a 45 faith requirement, that ceases to be a pure vigor build anyways.
Unlike Heal and Med Heal, this page, along with Soothing Sunlight, does not specify if these spel are affected by Miracle-boosting rings. Are they?
No, they are not.


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the rings dont "Boost miracles" they increase the DAMAGE dealt by miracles
Any signifigance as to why it's found with one of Rosarias grubs, whom all seem to stay near Rosaria, all the way in Irithyll? I'm not one for lore theories, it just strikes me as strange that one of those Caster-Worms not only left Rosaria's side, but traveled quite a long ways (The back of the cathedral can be seen from the bridge and canal at Irithyll, it's no stones-throw)
Rosaria gives you bountiful sunlight, and a grub gives you a heal spell. Yes, there is obviously a lore connection, grub uses miracles because Rosaria teaches them miracles.

But significant? No. It's just a grub that went further into the game so you get a better heal spell later.
That grub was a cleric in his former life (read the miracle description).
best fp cost to heal ratio in the game if one has high (40-50) vigor and lost more than half. Like most heals is very slow and generally risky to use mid battle.
it seems kind of redundant to have more that one heal spell (not counting replenishment, soothing sunlight, etc). there should be just one heal spell that scales with faith but instead we have heal aid, med heal, great heal i just don't get it
It's good to have that many! If you get the most powerful spell at the beginning of the game, it's not fun anymore. It's about your character aquiering better spells over time and getting better at casting heals. Just like with damaging spells, it wouldn't make sense to have crystal soul spear at the beginning of the game, right?


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the reason is mana costs
if you start as a cleric/priest/paladin you don't have that much faith. So you need different healing spells fitting your faith level or you couldn't use a healing miracle half the game.


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I've always wondered why this is found on a random dead mangrub in the middle of the Boreal Valley. What does it mean, Vaati?
Vaati has no answers either. He just constructs the wildest fantasys because he exactly knows the games plot is like swizz cheese and you need deep insight to really argue against his "theses". The miracle talks about a cleric. And clerics for some reason took a liking in Rosaria like old Klimpt did. (probably because of her rebirth powers) I wouldn't interpret much more into it. Except my name is Vaati...
Why would I use soothing sunlight then ?
Soothing has a larger radius and better heal at the cost of higher FP usage.
I wonder if the DS3 community is ever going to realize that there is literally no logical reason why a cleric can't use the heal spells in PvP? The running reason right now is literally just "no". There isn't an actual argument or reason why and any time i bring this up the response is always "well it's not allowed", which is a funny response considering i'm challenging whether or not it should even be disallowed. Another funny response i've gotten is "i don't want to fight you if you're going to heal" (not me, i don't usually heal, this was said in a discussion about healing as a "reason" not to), which i find great as i didn't realize i could just... Decide what others can and can't use based on my tastes. The rule was just carried over from the previous games and, for some reason, no one has thought to actually scrutinize the spells to see if they actually shouldn't be used. Great heal and up will completely take your stamina, leaving you open for hits, the casting animations at max casting speed are slow enough to easily punish with a backstab on any of them except maybe projected heal/heal aid and givin how many run around with the hornet ring on you'll actually LOSE hp and you have to invest in faith to even use them along with dex or a ring slot for casting speed and ashen estus to compensate for the fact that heals actually take MORE FP than the attack miracles of their tier. At the very least they should be allowed a certain number of uses, but i personally believe it should be allowed at your discretion as with any other action/magic that you have to invest in to use. Thoughts? Also, no non-arguments like "git gud", "no" or "it's not allowed". I can understand it not being allowed in situations where you're 1v1ing someone REALLY high in level havel-monstering it up as your punish might not cover the heal, but meta range and below is entirely different as 2 hits is usually around half your hp at meta and below your heals heal less unless you invest in faith and lose out on other stat investments.
honestly it’s just because you wanna fight someone and see who would win without any healing. like you could use magic and miracles like lightning, but if you heal it’s just not fair
ehm u can heal, u can cure bleed and poison. Use whatever the game allows you to use. I wouldn't care about the whiners and ragers. If they lose and you win you are right and they wrong. It's that simple.
The only place this is relevant is the arena, where estus for healing HP is removed. In the arena you get 5 ashen estus flasks. With 60 faith, Yorshka's Chime will heal just over 1,350HP for each cast of Great Heal, or essentially an entire health bar from near death. With only 18 attunement you can cast this miracle twice, then twice again for each ashen estus. So as long as you can put 2 seconds of space between your opponent, you have 12 casts of this miracle - or an additional 12 life bars. Meanwhile an opponent with something like a strength build can't heal any HP at all. You can argue that it's punishment for giving your opponent any of that space, but not every build is designed for staying on top of your opponent. Going up against a mage, or an ultra great weapon, or someone relying on whips or ranged combat? I can find 2 seconds of space at nearly any given moment against those, and even if I can't I'll just use a talisman with unfaltering prayer and refill all my HP at the cost of maybe one hit from whatever you've got. If you want to heal in the arena fine, but don't try and pretend it isn't a*****move to completely refill your HP when your opponent has no way of doing so.
@the anon11/24/18: OP here, i don't agree with your logic, putting aside that there are plenty of ways for a melee build to regen hp, how is it my problem that a strength build can't heal? I can't use Crystal soul spear, since i invested in faith. Does this mean sorcerers are ******* for using crystal soul spear? Every build is limited to what it can use, what it's stats allow. If you wanted to be able to heal ALONG with all the perks that come with a melee build (higher hyperarmor as meleers tend to invest in more vit than casters and can equip heavy armors, wide weaponry range, more hp as points aren't being thrown into three stats right off the bat -atn, fth/int and dex for casting speed leaves little room for vgr-, higher absorption, higher stamina, etc) you should've invested in fth. Your build allows you those things, a cleric build allows healing. So no, i don't agree at all that me using heals is any different from you using anything you can use.
@anonymous 11/24/18: It's definetely a lot more than 2 seconds of space to be able to cast it. Healing spells are way slower than estus, and you can't even walk while casting them. And as the OP said, you have to invest your entire build just to be able to do that. Try watching high level arena players. None of them have any problem whatsoever with healing. Most of them don't heal because healing spells are bad, and when there is room for a healing spell on their build (usually dark build), they do so. Are healing spells disallowed in tournaments? I don't think they are, but I'm asking because I'm not sure. @OP: I always thought it was because of the estus. Before arena being a thing, people went to fight clubs, and allowing duels with estus would just drag the fight down forever. But of course, healing spells are very different and I do agree that they should be allowed.