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I fear i may have killed the mimic and died since the mimic isn t there and i don t have the staff.. am i screwed till ng?
You lost it. But if you die before retrieving a mimic's item it's supposed to spawn where the mimic was at. So if the item isnt there you may have sold it or whatnot, sorry.
So, which option is better:
Having a weapon with hollow gem
Having Crystal sage's rapier?
Have a weapon with crystal infusion or a raw infusion with cmw as a mage. İn your question i dont know your build but the csr is very bad dont know any use of it other then the farming
If you're looking for item discovery, then the Crystal Sage's Rapier is going to net you +50, while a hollow infused weapon is going to max out at +5 luck, which only translates to +5 item discovery.
It should be noted that, when both are unupgraded, the Court Sorcerer's Staff and the Heretic's Staff have the same spell buff (170) at exactly 49 intelligence.
These pages should show the spellbuff at 40 INT builds as well. Not everyone goes upto 60 INT. Anyway, at 40 INT Sorcerer's Staff is better this one as its spellbuff is higher. This is the best staff for high INT build though (normal Sorceries, for dark ones Murky staff is best for mid-levels and Izalith's best when combined with Faith). It's only outdamaged by Archdeacon's staff at 90 FTH build who builds a Sorcerer with 90 FTH anyway.
Some people play with very high characters as well as their low level ones.
At +9 it's spell buff is less then a regular sorcery staff at +6 I have 46 int.... Honestly am I missing something.
It's how it scales off your int. Sorcery Staff has a natural spell buff of 100, and has an A rank scaling with Int from +1 to +10. Court Sorcerer Staff has a natural spell buff of 60, but has an S rank scaling with Int from +4 to +10. This means that it's only going to actually beat out the normal Sorcerer Staff at a very high Int value. At 60 Int, regular Sorc Staff gives 226 spell buff, and this gives 238, so it's only just barely beating it out. You're better off keeping your regular Sorcerer's Staff up until you hit closer to 60 int. Just note that the letter value of scaling isn't a strict multiplier or anything, as different staves that have A rank scaling and higher natural spell buff still have a lower spell buff value at 60 Int than the regular Sorcery Staff. Hope that helps.
Sorry, have to correct myself on something: No staff has a natural spell buff higher than 60. The stat listed on this and on several other staves is wrong. It is always 60 if you don't meet the requirements, and then updates the stat to however it scales with your int once you do meet the requirements. So the numbers listed under Spell Buff on some pages may be the lowest stat when meeting the requirement, but I can't say for sure without going in to test them all.
At 55 int+fth, the Izalith Staff has a spell buff of 254, while this one just scales with int and has only 220 spell buff with the same 55 int.

For a mixed int/fth build, Izalith Staff is much better with all sorceries, and even more so with dark sorceries.

At those same stats, the Crystal Chime has a spell buff of 226. That's a 6 higher spell buff from a chime that can cast both miracles and sorceries, versus the Court Sorcerer' s staff.
Even at 55 int+fth this beats the izalith staff on non-dark sorceries which is again beaten by crystal chime but not by much and takes twice as much stats.
Remember, normal sorceries don't get dual scaling. The only catalyst in the game that does that is the crystal chime.
It counts both scaling in the same spell buff, but for the spells, they split it up. The chime's 226 is its faith and Int scaling combined, but if using a sorcery, it only uses the Int scaling. Same function with Izalith, it only uses the faith scaling for sorceries if they are dark sorceries, etc etc.
can somone explain why my scaling is so low on this staff i have 32 int but i only get 6 extra damge from scaling. The staf has s scaling
catalysts do not work like weapons. Each one of them have a minimum and a maximum in which they work best. This one here outshines everything else when you have 50int(!) or more. Means if you have less than 50int use something different to get the max buff out of your 32int.
I assume you are talking about the physical damage for the staff if so intelligence doesn't affect that and the physical damage does not affect the sorceries you cast. What does affect sorceries though is the spell buff of the staff which will be located at the bottom of the "attack power" section of the staff below physical, magic etc. Spell buff increases with your intelligence and at 99 a Court Sorcerer's Staff+10 should have a spell buff of 254 but really at 32 intelligence you should be using something like the Sorcerer's Staff. Try leveling up your intelligence and you will notice the spell buff of the staff going up.
Buff the FUGS
Buff the FUGS
Which would be better for a sorcery build? The Court Sorcerer staff or Sage's Crystal Staff?