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FromSoftware's “Shadows Die Twice” said to be featured prominently at E3 2018, according to a ResetEra rumor. Is it Bloodborne 2? Tenchu? Or something else entirely?




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Well from that information, I don't want to link Shadows Die Twice with the Soulsborne series. I could be wrong, of course.

I'd almost be willing to put money on Tenchu.



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I keep saying this. The vast majority of core game mechanics have remained the same in the major From titles since at least Armored Core IV. Honestly, the "Soulsborne" title should be more like "SoulsCorne."

They're some of my favorite games, but until they show a departure in mechanics I'm not inclined to believe it. What I'm getting at is that the IP and setting and many changes might be reality, but my personal anticipation is that the "how to play" learning curve will not be steep for this community.
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If it's Tenchu, I hope they keep the open world creation that Made DS and Bloodborne so amazing. I played Tenchu:Wrath of Heaven on PS2, which was more like Nioh with mission based levels, and if that is the format I'd be disappointed. It's the reason I never really got into Nioh. I love the chalice dungeons in Bloodborne, but imagine if that was the whole game. No thanks.
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I would trust an unknown "ResetEra" poster to correctly tell me the result of a flipped coin with almost 40% accuracy.