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You gotta be f***ing me with this guy.
Just got a High rank Kirin kill, golden crown smallest: 477.27
i just unlocked the kirin and only died once best srategy is to weave and dodge
That “strategy” really applies to any monster in the game.
It seems a lot of people (including me at first) have enormous problems fighting the Tempered Kirin;

The fight turns out to be pretty easy if not cheesy once you use a light bowgun and slicing ammo (even after the nerv :O). Simply craft one and push reload mods so you can reload while walking.
Do the Quest solo.

Once you push enough dmg and he returns to the most top part of the map the fight is basically won with every weapon: Get up there, drop 2 Mega Barrel bombs (Wyvernshot if you can), set him ablaze and then simply jump off the ledge -> Return to camp and restock the bombs. As soon as you enter the tent you evaded the monster, he returns to his 'nest' and you can rinse and repeat with the bombs.

Works on every difficulty and turns the fight into cheese.



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How many mega bombs did it take you?
Does dragon resistance work on this guy?
It uses lightning...
What kind of question is this?
Just unlocked the first hunt with this guy. Never had a problem with any other enemy until now. Had no idea his weakness was fire and after 3 attempts I still somehow haven't unlocked enough research to find fact out without coming to this wiki. In game manual says to use elderseal weapons, but they turn out to do less damage than what I was already using. Screw this *****ing thing!
the elder seal might do less damage but they stop the kirin from enraging.
Normally fire/lightning work on each other, like rathalos and legiacrus in tri, get one monster for armor and the other for weapon.
Anyone who is having troubles with this just google Kirin Sleep Bombing. Tactic that I've used since the first one.
How does the thunder dragon NOT have a charge blade tree that is the one he should *****ing have guaranteed?
True, Kirin should get a hammer tree as well.


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so do i need stun resist on my hunting horn, or Paralysis resist?
Both, once your in a vulnerable state that Nightmare with come after you for an easy kill.
you need to git gud
So uh...who thought it was a good idea to fight this lightning spamming Unicorn in a tiny *** area? Sheesh...got chain stunned 5 times in a row because of it. I would advise anyone else to avoid tiny areas.
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