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Does this work for the damage from Dragon Slayer sword Spear?
No, The ring only boosts offensive miracle damage. However the Lightning clutch ring will boost the lightning damage and Weapon art attack of the sword spear.
Upon going to the location it has a lighting gem instead
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how to get it back if sold?
Use CheatEngine.
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What do you think its worth for my build, i have sunlight spear and lightning blade, and i could use this ring or lightning clutch ring.
Depends on your play-style. If you are going to be focusing on buffing your weapons then use the clutch ring, but if you are going to try and use the sunlight spear the majority of the time then you should use this for the extra 5% damage boost.

The Clutch ring as you probably already know buffs both lightning attacks and lightning buffs by 15% (both miracles you have listed) but also increases damage taken which may result in a glass canon build depending on your armour used. This ring as you can read above flat increases your miracles damage by 20% which only affects damage miracles not buffs or healing (sunlight spear not lightning blade) and has no debuff on your damage absorption so if you are play using damaging miracles then your bst bet is to use this ring.

So you are probably better off using the clutch ring if you are able to not get hit due to the boost to both of the listed miracles, but if you would prefer to keep your damage absorption then your best bet is to go with this ring due to its larger boost with sunlight spear and no reduction in damage absorption.
Does this boost the health return on the lifehunt scythe?
Damage will increase but healing doesn't as it isn't affected by damage.
So this doesn't buff Lightning Blade? Pretty useless IMO, unless you're running a faith build and spamming everything with sunlight spear and lightning stake
It's certainly less useful than it's pyro and sorcerer counterparts, however it still has some use. The damage you can get from lightning stake and a (point blank) sunlight spear when wearing all the both miracle rings is pretty high. I think it's best not to think of miracles as spells but like an ultra weapon. Use poisecast to trade hits rather than spamming them hoping they'll hit. You'll be hitting extremely hard with perfect hits. Lower health builds can get one shot by a sunlight spear at point blank. Lightning stake can hit people spamming quickstep weapon-art with it's AoE. Faith spells may not have that high pressure spam casting of the other casters, but they can still absolutely decimate people who get caught off guard.
Uh... Did someone forget to tell this first guy that the *miracle buffing ring* is probably for faith builds based on casting, not someone who just uses a buff?
Does it affect a lightning gem infused weapon?
Does anyone know what "his foolishness" was?
Most likely siding with dragons
Yes, making alliance with dragons. It was foolish of him to betray his father (Gwyn) and ally with his enemies.