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Not Artorias. BERSERK fanboys! The armor and even the GS moveset (from when he first wear the dwarf amor against the dragon apostle) is directly a BESERK reference.
Favorite weapon in the game.
I find this weapon good against nubs who just hide behind shields. Cuz if you aren't good at parrying then the L 1 attacks just go right around shields. And it's hilarious when you parry them with a ugs.
Does not deal extra damage against Gael. It does against Midir though, making it an alternative for lightning weapons in this fight.
I guess I'm dumb for not realizing sooner, but you can parry practice against this with Hawkwood at the end of his quest. Just keep him alive though so you can continue practicing.
Buff the Fugs.
tfw your brain so tangled up and squeezed you call a greatsword weeby.
Not weeby, but edgy.
Fun for PVP. Move set is all over the place and can be used to get around shields. Also stunlock. On the other hand it can be easily parried and damage is worst of all UGS - ☆゚.*・。゚CHALLENGE゚。・*.゚☆
Good for pwning noobs.