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Hi guys my name is Tommy and I'm 29 years old and was born with a rare kidney and liver disease, I was supposed to die at birth but was pulled through, growing up has always been hard and I never fit in anyways plus I was constantly sick and missing school. My mom bought me my first SNES at 7 years old and it's good from there on out. Gaming has kept me same, kept me from killing myself when I lost my second transplant, I've had 3 kidney transplants and 1 liver as of today and I'm happy to say I'm feeling wonderful, I game all the time and I just find it so incredibly hard to find an audience, so I'm alsking you all from the bottom of my heart and my soul to please share this link, tell a friend, anyone that would have an interest it truly means everything to me. But enough of me hammering on let PREPARE TO DIE!!

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