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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Beast's Roar Adds a beast effect to close-range attacks.? what exactly is this effect that it adds to close range attacks?
Turn Coat Chance to subjugate foes when attacking them.? what is the chance? is it based of levels?
Robot Discount Grants a discount at the machine shops.? does this stack for 2b and a2?
Beast's Roar adds a bigger hitbox to your attacks and changes the particle effects to look like claw slashes.

Turn Coat's chance to subjugate never changes regardless of level, it seems to be a decent chance but it's hard to put down an exact number on luck-based mechanics like this.

Robot Discount works like the regular discount in that you do NOT have to equip the weapons to get the discount. Once you upgrade them enough to get the effect it's a permanent effect. Because of this it doesn't stack when you equip the weapons on multiple characters, but it does increase with each weapon you get.


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it doesnt seem like weapon effects are used unless the actual weapon is actively used.
for example, virtuous contract in your heavy slot wont buff a beastbane in your light slot
I don't know about the other abilities but it seems Discount works even if you don't have the weapon equipped. Can anyone else confirm?
This is certainly the case with both weapon effect discount abilities (Resistance+Machine) in my experience.
Discount effectsare indeed applied even if the weapons aren't equiped. It's true for both Discout and Robot Discount.
Machine Discount affects Emil's shop too
If you have a small sword with Critical + and your second weapon is the pipe with critical + - does the critical effects of both these weapons stack? *meaning if i use these two together, will my crits be doubled as opposed to only using 1 and having the secondary slot empty *