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theres a chest in the puzzle room that no one can get to
You can use a teleporter pyramid to make it past the blue wall. The chest just contained one divine and one epic piece of gear for me though. No uniques
throw your pyramid past the force fields then just walk over to it. I didn't even touch the pipe controls. I just created the fields i needed in the circles.
You actually can get to the chest. You can throw a teleport pyramid through the barrier, then jump or teleport down
In French the order is : Courage - Ordre - Révélation - Frénésie - Empathie

You can't even pronounce that thing : CORFE ! lmao
Is this a joke? It's F O R C E. Wich means strengh, kinda like power.
It IS supposed to be Force, but since you need to activate the levers in the SAME orders as Power it's obviously different. Your P isn't an F, it's a C. Potency for Courage ? Empathy for Frénesie ?

Thx for helping, i guess. Oh yeah and i'm also French so...
The German order is: "Mut" (careful, there are 2, take the one on the lower floor), "Anstand", "Corpsgeist" (whatever that is!), "Heldentum", "Tradition"
To get to the chest just move any of the teleporter pyramids beyong the forse field (with telekinesis skill). Then teleport to it.
cheers, thanks a lot
Just thought I'd point out, this plays out slightly differently if you have sworn to the God King. (Spoilers...)

When reaching the altar he'll tell you to curse it, which destroys it and the barrier. You still need to complete the puzzle to gain access to the hatch however. With the barrier gone, you can jump down, and manually rotate the blocks. This is unnecessary however, and possibly tricky considering you might not be able to bless any blood because you're sworn. The important thing here is that it checks simply for whether the content in the bowl on the floor matches the one on top. In other words, you could theoretically fill all six bowls with cursed blood to gain access. Simple water might also do the trick. In my playthrough I unfortunately didn't have access to elemental arrowheads (the skill) but I'd assume just jumping up on the top bowl and shooting an elemental arrowhead matching the top bowl down below would do the trick without having to bother with the puzzle at all.
I don't have a stone table with rotate pipes. I have only plan view ane esc from riddle option please help
wiki is bad