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a and b are literly the same
b has a slightly shorter skirt.
Well, I mean...they're not. Functionally they're different.
also, it will engage in a turf war with a regular diablos, doing around 3000 damage to it.
Which, while cool to watch, if you think about it, doesn't make much sense if it's a female in heat. Unless it's another female who isn't in heat, would a horny diablos really attack a male...? Food for thought.
it makes sense, considering females may probably be dominant
Pretty entertaining that, "GIVE ME BABIES", other one like "GAWD DAHMMIT WOMAN LEAVE MEH ALONE"
Some like it rough.
Imagine what a barroth would do in heat
Who the hell thought it was a good idea to give her perfect tracking on her charge? It's as bad as those Flame Salamanders in Dark Souls 2.


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I *****ing hate it
That's just what blos wyverns are. Very good Charges unlike Raths. Try a shield. Spear is great against them.
Oh, look, someone compared a "hard" game to dark souls. Surprise surprise.
Ah, the token comparison to the jank ******** that is Souls.
i went on an expedition to kill her and i got a wyvern gym with out cutting her tail off. How ever i did break both horns and her back.
I get more wyvern gems from her than I've ever had black spiral horns. broken both horns every time to!
Dang! I didn’t know wyverns have gyms now. It must be why some monsters are buffed, like Jho.
Gold crown for smallest one is 1844.70
Ah yes. The one monster that gets under my skin. It doesn't matter how extended your evade distance is, how stun free you are or what weapon you use. It's gonna hurt ya bad before you drop it. Deal with it.
Yeah, her charge attacks are sometimes too fast and hard to dodge, even in the air it still hits you. I used a golden barroth lance (from completing the Kulve Taroth quest), which does paralysis damage, and it works amazing. You just have to be on guard at all times, and look for an opening.
Hello. My name is Sandra B. Diablos. I like long walks on the beach, spending 50% of my time burrowing underground, 20% of my time exploding back to the surface, and 30% of my time having a persistent hitbox that can do damage even when I'm seemingly standing still or not touching you. Will you love me?
I'll take literal tumor of lung cancer over you in a heartbeat. Go back into the earth where you belong and KYS.
Says diablos in heat, its female though.
Yeah, it is..
Do you understand what the phrase "in heat" means? *whispers* It's what females are when they ovulate....
If this thing was in Punch Out, it'd be mr sand man.