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Note it is possible to interact with the statue and pass, you however cannot admit or do the following:
Commit theft of any kind
Murder any innocents, possibly counting those whom were not hostile at first
Have any affiliation to the Void
Consume Source through Source Vampirism outside of the tutorial sequence (?)

Doing so reveals the hatch and bestows the successful player with special permanent buff.
found 2 annoying bugs along the road. one with the puzzle, there's a L piece that no matter how you turn does the same thing, the 3rd from the lower blood valve. directs upwards even when it should block or go down.

second with the puppets where you need to spell POWER, a loop happened when a puppet died and rebirthed in the same spot and for some reason took action again, died again, repeat near to infinity. took about 5 minutes to not die and complete his turn so that the next round could begin.
the cleanest way to go about it is to sneak and activate the levers with one character without triggering the puppets.
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You can farm the puppets to make apotheosis scrolls. :>
You only need to cast bless once
1) Cast rain blood on the iron grate to allow your blood to flow down to the puzzle
2) Choose option 2 of the Altar (or teleport/retreat/jump/dive via right side) to arrange the puzzle so that it allows the flow of the bless fire, bless water and blood (to be blessed later).
3) Choose option 1 of the Altar to start the valve so that the bless fire, bless water and blood to reach the 3 big bowls at the end
4) Only when the 3 bowls are filled with bless fire, bless water and blood, then Cast bless on the blood (iron grate) so the last bowl is filled with bless blood.
BEWARE the lever picture on is wrong.
the middle one on TOP LEFT is wrong one.

You can skip the whole puppet fight with rogue stealthing the levers (i had 50wits)
puppets despawn/die when all right levers are pulled.
I spoke to the statue with a mercenary I just recruited. I told it I don't steal, I don't murder innocents, I reject the void, and I don't consume other people's souls. It accepted the answers and gave the mercenary permenant wings.

I spoke to the statue with my custom made main character and the 3 origin companions I picked and I got struck down right at the first question on all. Lol.
This*****ty quest sucks so much... nothing but resdpawning ******* and I can't take a single turn -.-
Brutal, and what a horrible way to end a great game
if for some reason you are short on source orbs or puppet beads just continue to farm the puppets for awhile. They drop both on their loot table. It can be quite useful for scroll crafting.
For the past ten minutes I've been stuck in an endless loop in which a moppet runs towards switch, getting out of range and ending combat, prompting it to run back to its original position, which restarts combat, which sends it back towards the switch, which ends combat., which sends it back towards original position. Such a great game, but some of the bugs are, well, terrible.
Same here, nothing else can i do, well my money saved from this * game since i download from torrent XD
I have the scroll and charged source amulet. After placing the amulet and pressing the button nothing happens. I even tried reading the scroll...still nothing
Same thing here... after the first 3 parts I simply loved the game....the 4th part is so **** and unfinished I wish I stopped after the 3rd
Same here.
Talk to the Statue after you press the button
fill the amulet with source 5 times and than place it in the button
use source vampirism on the puppets and they will die