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For a Dex, Int, Luck build i guess, but the fact that your buff dont scale is clearly a deal breaker imo. I mean, for the last prize in a covenant, wth.
I thought "how about a build with this staff, crystal magic weapon and Anri's straight sword" and then I read this*****...



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This item is absolutely worthless to base a caster build around, why?

If you have a luck build, in order to use Damage spells that are work anything, you still need a great amount of INT just to be able to use the spells:

The staff alone has a min requirement of 18 INT, which isn't too bad, but at that point the best Damaging spell you can use is Great Heavy Soul Arrow.

No Homing Mass
No Soul Spear

You still need heavy INT investment for the good spells that all Sorcerers use, and after that investment, you have enough Int that this staff can't compare to other int scaling staffs.
different play style then. dart them and maybe flash sword to force them against your anri ss spam. it maybe not the best idea, but works too if you know the game
or just blood ss
The best spell that sorcerers use is HSM (due to the fast cast speed, low FP/stamina cost and the fact that you can actually hit people with it), which only requires 20 INT. If you are running a glass cannon sorcerer with invasions spells like Crystal Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear and Crystal Soul Spear then you are obviously going to go with as much INT as possible. But if you have a luck build (idk why you would but people are stupid) and you want to be able to cast the best sorcery in the game, you can just get 20 INT and use this thing
Guys the point of this is to make Hollow/Luck builds even MORE viable. With 18 int, the bare minimum requirement, you can cast Great Homing Soul Arrow. Assuming you stop at 40 luck (35 if you get a maxed out hollow weapon) you get a spell buff of 197. If you use the GHSA Attack equation, AR = (2.84 * Spell Buff) - 111.8 , you get 560 Damage. On average you get better damage on a Hollow weapon that has a natural C scaling or better, you can then use other points to level Dex. If we go for 40 dex, assuming we are deprived, we spend levels equivalent to 25 Lck + 8 Int + 30 Dex, we get about 57 other points to go into other stats. Because dex reduces cast time, we don't even need a sage ring for this. The only drawback would be attunement and Ashen estus flasks, which are pretty major. But considering that for 18 int and we can cast it 7 times (with full fp) we can get a very damaging and long range utillity. If we use 30 points for Fth for weapon buffing, 17 in Vigor, we would have 10 left for Endurance. This might sound bad, but that's where rings come in. Prisoners Chain adds 5 to End and gives essentially 10 free points to upgrade. Ring of favor gives base bonuses. Then we have rings for +5 dex/faith, etc. This staff is very underrated and can make a very good side arm. Put 4 points into attunement btw, to get a spell and then a weapon buff. Also, another idea is to stop at 17 int and then use the Scholar ring for +5 int, you can cast Soul Greatsword, great for roll catching (Only deals 328 damage, but easier to hit in a SL 120 Pvp situation). You could also stay at 18 Int and then cast Great Magic Shield to tank everything, with Stabillity as your only drawback. A really great staff IMO, with a build already oriented around luck you can use 8 SL to get a spell buff (damage spells only) that's about equivalent to 40 int.
A little too imaginative. On a 120 build (not including being a naked, ringless dude), you'd only have enough space to just be a more limited sorcerer who scales off luck. You wouldn't have the spare points to but into the STR and DEX of your weapon you're using that's also hollow infused (if you aren't using Anri's SS). But spells that buffs weapons don't apply the spellbuff stat of this staff at all, so that's a completely wasted suggestion to make. And then the most optimal INT range for your utility spells that have a good damage=FP cost economy all hang around 23-32 INT (I don't know who would gimp their own homing soul mass to just be 3 orbs at base, it's too inefficient and weak to be worth the FP at that point). And yes, at least trying to break 200 FP is a standard for a caster, otherwise you're wasting ashen estus as it tends to "overrestore" by default at +10 and 18 to 24 ATT.
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Build tips: start with thief, get anri straight sword, get blood bandits knife

use low intelligence spells (dont go over 23 Int) like: cristal hail, deep souls, great deeps souls, farron dart, soul greatsword, farron dart, heavy soul arrow.

Get your luck up to 50 (cap of Anri SS is 50 luck, hardcap for man grub staff is 45)

Use your spells to poke/disturb ennemy, catch them with the blood bandits knife, bleed them out, finish them with anri SS.
You forgot to mention farron dart
"Man-Grub's Staff is the best option only if Luck is much higher than Int."

Oh, really? I thought the staves that had no luck scaling would be better on higher luck. Wow.
lol, idk why this has so many downvotes, that was pretty funny
the article wants to say, that when int and luck are about the same, other staves outshine this in spell buff
No. This joke was really, really bad.


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But, do you still need the intelligence to cast spells that require, say, 45 int? Or does your Luck also replace that?
Go forth and conquere my son.

Go 45 luck 25 int
I Want yo get the platinum throphy. Do I really need yo get this staff?
No. Only rings and spells.



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If you want the all staff trophy then yes, you need it.
It's easy, get 45 luck, 20 int, 35 endurance, min-max strength and dexterity, the scholar's ring, prisoner's chain, the magic rings, and just wreck **** with both magic and status ailments.
That too hard to get? Cause it's pretty simple with the available arsenal.
Most meta spells need more than 20 int, good for utility I guess(or get a sorcerer staff for less int)
*Presses leave on this* WHOOPS! I dropped my monster weapon for my 99 luck/int build.
you have bad luck
This exists? Okay.