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Im mean, why r1 spam when you can r2 spam and outspace nearly any other weapon in the game often getting counter hits with already massive damage XD gotta love it man's+Blackflame

Is it:
+ 145 Flat Fire damage
+ 25% Base Fire damage
Is this good on a pure Pyromancer build? Or should I invest in some Dex or Str, based on which one scales better?
Depends on what you wanna do with it. For PvE? For sure, it's almost awesome. Pump Faith and Int and go wreck some dudes. For PvP? It's questionably OK, with some technique you still can kick asses, but there are better options in terms of scaling with pure Pyro stats. Shopworn Astora Great Sword, for instance.
My character is at 40 intelligence and 40 faith but I want to up the physical damage, should I invest souls into dexterity or strength? Which one ups the physical damage more?
You can get 700+AR with base str and dex. Not worth it
It doesn't really increase that much damage with 40/40 str/dex, it goes up to ~440 meting the 15/15 requeriments, so the increase is minimal. 37 damage two handed for almost 60 levels in str/dex (with a pyromancer).

Really not worth it.
Pumping this with black flame as Freide goes into her 3rd phase. Never felt so badass in my life.
Haha I know what you mean bro, this weapon is cool even by dark souls standards
yeah...but it's as smart as fighting SoC with the coiled sword.
Both the fire and dark clutch ring increase damage. I don't understand why.
Late to respond, but the buff deals fire damage. So it's increased by Fire Clutch. Dark Clutch increases base Dark damage.


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"This is the longest greatsword weapon"
Wolf knight greatsword still exists


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Awesome Weapon for a Pyromancer.
Bonus Points for Fashon Souls.
For People like me who struggle with Vilhelm, because they want to get the Weapon early on:
I usually complete the game to the point untill you are under the Smouldering Lake (Izalith-Area), where you can grab Sacred Flame and Toxic Mist in the lava.
Both works for me with Vilhelm. Poison him first, kite and poke him outside of the building, and grab him with Sacred Flame when he trys to heal himself.
The Weapon itself deals really good damage in PvE.
Only some bosses are resistant against dark damage, like Twin Princes, where a Chaos infused Drakeblood Greatsword would be a better choice.
Honestly for me as a pyro I find npc battles incredibly easy. Lob chaos orb. Rinse, repeat. Npcs don't have the same dodge capabilities that real players do. So while chaos orb is too slow for pvp, it wrecks npcs who are too dumb to roll out of the lava and gives you time to recover because of the damage stagger hitting twice
I rehaped him with my firelink greatsword to get Onyx Blade.
Higher stat investment, still lower damage than a Dark Claymore. And claymore's moveset has more variety thanks to WA stance.

Only thing that is good about Onyx is the range being same as Wolf Knight's
25 INT 26 FTH 25 STR 17 DEX this sword has a 1h AR of 511, then when buffed goes to 641 and can be boosted by Dark Clutch Ring, can also deal massive damage with counter attacks.
No idea what Dark Claymore stats are, but this is pretty good
Clutch rings are capped in pvp, almost does nothing. Put on a blindfold mask if you want more damage
the clutch rings only seem to be capped in pvp arena though. Without buff, with dark clutch, fire clutch and blindfold mask, I get an AR of 644, with WA it goes up to 810, and then I use power within and it goes up to 960 AR. When I Invade in pvp areas it stays the same, so the clutch rings aren't affected there.
since when was 585 a bigger number than 667? No, seriously I just checked on mugenmonkey and while the base ar of the claymore beats that of the onyx blade, the onyx blades buffed ar is greater by over 80. And last I checked, the claymores wa doesn't buff it with an extra 145 damage.
Someone doesn't know how split damage works. The Onyx Blade needs more points invested in AND the buff just to beat out the claymore on paper and in theory. But Onyx Blade's weight and state requirements doesn't make it worth it. And if you want to include the buff, let's not forget who's weapon art IS more damage and not just inflated AR. The Claymore leans more to the dark damage than the Onyx Blade does, which is good. The less divisive your damage types are, the more you can focus into the greater damage type with other enhancements.
For easy Vilhelm kill, get astora gs, with leo ring and fully charge heavy attack. Knocks his *** to the ground and you can just repeat with out letting him even get a move in. You have to time while he gets up
This works for all human npcs