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I have never been a fan of the UGS moveset. It's slow and boring and there are so many better options for PVE. However, UGS seems to be the best weapon class for PVP, as everyone I meet uses one, and the slightest misstep basically leads to me getting stunlocked until the dude runs out of stamina.
Boring? I guess swinging a SS 12 times stunlocking something is far more fun. /sarcasm
PvP is kinda a bottleneck for UGS weapons now. The UGS weapons i almost exclusively see are the weapons with the horizontal 2H moveset and no one is really using UGS with the vertical 2H moveset anymore. It might have to do with the fact that 2H vertical moveset covers a wide area and can roll-catch people well. 2H vertical on the other hand, it's so easy for people to just jump in after the 2nd attack and backstab. It's almost like the shockwave from standing close to the impact of the UGS doesn't do anything anymore. What's worse that all 2H vertical UGS weapons have Stomp for a WA. It's a very good WA, I've been enjoying launching people up with the Bastard Sword. But because UGS are slow by design and 2H vertical moveset has a narrow range and it's easy to roll around, people are more ballsy and try to get cheep backstabs.
ive tried 5 hours for the ringed knight duel greatswords with the gold covetus serpant rings +3 and got nothing. any advice
you will get it upon slaying the knight wield the weapon right before the npc boss battle in the dlc
you get the ringed knight greatswords from a ringed knight wielding them right before the church boss battle. of course this is in the ringed city dlc. you don't have the dlc, just ask someone to drop for you.
It's a guaranteed one-a-ng drop from a Ringed Knight wielding them in front of the altar for the "Spear of the Church" covenant.
Yeah. Don't use that weapon in pvp. Unless you're a *** asshat loser. Then go ahead.
The Zweihander is the most reliable UGS so far in pvp. It has a GS weight, less stamina consumption than any other UGS, very good scaling on infusions(chaos!). Horizontal R1, rolling poke, and the unique R2 easily roll catch people. This is not just a giant dad meme, STILL best UGS.
A lot of fun to use in pvp, provided your oppenent isn't the passive-reactive type. Daggers are probably the worst matchup for these, because quickstep + lag = unhitable. Curved sword-users who aren't brain dead enough to try to trade with you are the next worse, followed by long katanas. Otherwise, the other matchups seem pretty winable to me.
Indeed. Which is sort of the issue with DS3. The easy mode that fast weapons are.


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This is probably the best weapon class to use for invasions. Most of these have wide swing attacks and they all have relatively good damage, both important things for taking on multiple enemies which you have to do as an invader like 90% of the time. Also, the standing attacks cannot be parried when two-handing which is good because as an invader you generally can't afford to be riposted.
The high damage is probably the most important part. In a gank situation, being able to 2 shot some enemies is a gigantic perk. With limited windows to land hits, not having enough damage means the target can get away after the guaranteed 2 hits of you weapon, and heal. The poise is also important in a gank situation. I find myself getting harassed, whether it be crystal soulmass or other players, while attacking, and being able to take those hits and still continue to kill someone is important. On top of that the wide swing angles or the back guard of the vertical swings also prevents you from getting harassed while trying to focus down a target.
I LOVE ultras.
Zweihander can be two handed with 13 STR and 11 DEX.
Here's how to be invincible in DS3 PvP:
-Equip an UGS, or other ultra weapon
-Equip armor for poise
-Have*****ty internet
-Always attack once then roll spam, unless the attack connects, and play passive in general

Congratulations. You can't be hit in startup frames because of your lag, even your run attacks and roll attacks have enough hyper armor (lag poise) to allow a trade, and you can't be outspaced / punished due to your laggy rollspam. Then you win by default when the inevitable trade happens.
your idea sucks so much because you're not taking into account the reach of weapons. Spears, Washing Poles, Avelyns and basically everything fast destroys Ultra Weapons. Always have. DEX has all the top tier weaponry. Just because you won 10 times in pointiff against a scrub doesn't means the weapon is good man, get a grip. This game isn't very complex it's about having a good fast reachy R1 if you wanna win, thats it.
So true. Dark souls in a nutshell. Rolling is a horrible mechanic.
I'm trying to make a Pursuer build, is there a certain UGS I should use?
lothric knight UGS probably, its the closes one to the pursuer's UGS but is slightly longer
Cathedral Knight Greatsword