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For those attempting low level runs and sick of trying melee with this battle, I was having an absolute **** of a time beating her at SL30 with a sword/shield build. I respeced to be able to cast Dorhy's Gnawing (25 faith), threw on Sage's Ring and Dusk Crown for faster casts with reduced FP, carried some kukris, and speced/equipped everything else for survival. Two Dorhy's Gnawings will proc bleed on her, they stun her out of charges/attacks, and do extreme damage to the father in the 2nd phase (about 750 per cast). Toss a couple kukris every once in awhile to stick to her so you can track her when she's doing her invisible critical attack. Still can get killed with one mistake, but after grunting through so much ******* on her with my sword this build did it in a couple tries.
Thanks for that, i absolutely forgot about Dorhy's Gnawing. It beats her, even the third phase (with Gael) was, dodging and running away, well .. not easy, but much easier than just melee. YEAH TAKE THAT FRIEDE. Poor Ariandel, he was born in the wrong place. He would be an awesome guitarist / singer of a dark progressive metal band, called ARIANDEL'S WRATH, HELL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH !
She is a b*tch, but I could kill her, here is how I did:
1 phase: Hollow Painting Guardian's Curved Sword +10 - You can actually stagier her and hit her faster than she can hit you. (Learn how to chase her, when she is disappearing. You can actually track her based on the snow what she stir up).
2 phase Hollow Onikiri and Ubadachi +10 - Land 1000-1300 dmg on the big dude. After he try to attack you wait until the 3th stamping, than roll in and hit him hard. Always check if the girl start to heal.
3 phase Onikiri and Ubadachi This blade is awesome in this fight with L2 you can interrupt her and create in your own dmg windows.

GL and don't give up :)
Or you can parry her instead of being a filthy dex casual
I really love how her parrying her is much easier than most bosses, especially the part that the fact the current attack frame, tho parried, still hits. Thanks From
Fun fact she is easy if you just play slow (i killed her on ng+7 with nothing but an ultra you just need to time your attacks carefully its all about patients and timing (side note: if you are on xbox 1 and want help send me a message Gamertag: Fallout117654
I translated your comment for you: "Fun fact she is easy once you are good enough to beat her." Brilliant.
Only boss in the game I needed a summon for. Mad respect for anyone who managed to kill her solo; I could handle the first two phases but round 3 is just bananas.
Learn her attacks and manage to roll sideways all the time.Shoot her with a bow so the invisibility is cancelled.Most important don't panic and don't be aggressive in the last phase.The secret in last phase is side rolling.
Of all Friede's *******, the one that gets me most salty is when she spams 4 of her exploding ice deals at Gael and just juggles him to oblivion. There goes my goddamn dumb AI distraction.
and because the ai is dumb we should be the distraction. don't just watch him die and do something.
Can I just attack her when she is not hostile to start the fight or something like that?
i'm gonna sue Miayazaki that twat shall my medical bills
You do not need to be embered to summon Slave Knight Gael for the fight.
Ugh...This @#$%#