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I really love how her parrying her is much easier than most bosses, especially the part that the fact the current attack frame, tho parried, still hits. Thanks From
My first reaction to Sister Friede went something like this: "Will you be my new waifu?" And then she rammed her scythe up my ***. "Guess not."
sounds like a top tier waifu to me
April 18 anon kinky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fun fact she is easy if you just play slow (i killed her on ng+7 with nothing but an ultra you just need to time your attacks carefully its all about patients and timing (side note: if you are on xbox 1 and want help send me a message Gamertag: Fallout117654
I translated your comment for you: "Fun fact she is easy once you are good enough to beat her." Brilliant.
Only boss in the game I needed a summon for. Mad respect for anyone who managed to kill her solo; I could handle the first two phases but round 3 is just bananas.
**** you Miyazaki there's no redemption for this
Of all Friede's *******, the one that gets me most salty is when she spams 4 of her exploding ice deals at Gael and just juggles him to oblivion. There goes my goddamn dumb AI distraction.
and because the ai is dumb we should be the distraction. don't just watch him die and do something.
Can I just attack her when she is not hostile to start the fight or something like that?
i'm gonna sue Miayazaki that twat shall my medical bills
You do not need to be embered to summon Slave Knight Gael for the fight.
Ugh...This @#$%#