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Steam: VenomSnake
At chaos and dark, it has A scalling in both int/fth
Optimal results at 28str/30int/30fth
im pretty sure that the carthus curved greatsword is shorter, atleast it looks much shorter.
Looks like Tessaiga from Inuyasha
Running R1's and WA's is almost the only thing I see from people using this weapon
With the refined gem it has b scaling in strength and dex good for quality build
Actually with +10 Heavy Infusion it's S scaling in Strength, at least in my game.
The Regular + 10 in the Max table view and the Regular + 10 in the Regular table view do not match!
740 ar 2 handed dark infused with 28/16/30/30 Str/dex/int/fth. Its a monster for invasions, hit peiple for ~800dmg with 2 swings. Use a dark longsword as secondary for 'good' players, and you should do fine
I prefer the Lothric Knight Sword over the longsword due to better scaling. It does more damage with a dark/chaos infusion.
You can also combo the r1 into a jump attack. You can net nearly 1000 damage sometimes by doing this.
the first real boss i fought with this weapon was the abyss wachers and they were so easy. just R1 R1 R1 deep breath R1 R1 R1 boss over.
because some weapons have several hidden multipliers. curved swords with descriptions like slice into foes or great vs armored foes (scimitar) means - they have a "sharp" bonus. The exile goes even through skeletons like butter. the second hidden bonus is weight(ing).

that's why a 2-handed 300 AR exile sword does 338 dmg to the enemies at start. the scimitar does 302 - painted 301 (less weight). the falchion does 313 dmg with 300 AR.

BUT the PKCS 2H with 300 AR does only 229 dmg!

And the raw falchion has more AR than the broadsword. 215 at +3 235 at +4 - Vs crystal sage the broadsword (205 AR) did (2-handed) 150 dmg, while the falchion with 215 did 202 and with 235 AR 220 dmg. OP as hell. Deprived one sl 4 and are ready to slice everything into pieces.
that's no hidden multiplier, it's the damage type. Some enemies are resistant to slash (bad vs heavy armor and tough scales) and some are weak to it (flesh and cloth armor)
+10 Chaos actually scales B D A A
I get c/d/b/b why is that so?