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13473 blood obtained from beating this the first time. Which is a far more sensible number than just over 1k

This was the typical scenario the first time you beat him - low hintertomb, depth 3, NG, not NG+ (even though NG+ doesn't affect dungeons anyway.

Someone should edit that in.
When I was fighting this boss in an isz chalice it seemed the pillars in the room messed with his teleporting.

When ever he teled it would be in a circle around me resulting in him just being beside me and instantly attacking leading to annoying deaths.

When I brought him to the middle of the room he would teleport normally away from me and gain some distance but eventually ended beside the wall and pillars again and just teled right beside and instantly attacking again.

Having fought this guy loads before and this only ever happening in this type of room it seems unintentional and a bug.
I came to this wiki hoping to find out if there was a Depth 5 elder i could fight for my youtube channel, thanks for providing that information

Do you have the key to that chalice dungeon so i can fight him?
Anyone have a Depth 5 chalice code with one of these guys in it?
Just fought him as the final boss of da7dcv3i. Cursed, fedit, rotted Pthumeru Ihyll. First boss is Undead Giant with Canon, second is Beat Possessed soul. You can find the ring of betrothal in the pre area. The gem the Elder dropped was quite forgettable.
Thanks. I know hes a pushover so i suppose the extra modifiers will help make him more formidable, and a video be more interesting to watch. Ill save that for when i get back in to bloodborne, since i still need to finish off the videos

Im missing Kos and Laurence too... theyre pretty tough on NG7
Glyph doesnt work. Anyone got a working chalice glyph for a D5 elder?
He's the final boss in my treasure stoked rotted fetid loran root dungeon wmvuaqaz
Knocked 2/3 of his health on my 1st try and took him down on my second.

I noticed he has surprisingly weak fire defenses considering his attacks are fire based and I spammed him with my fire Ludwig long sword (arcane build so you do you, those were just my two cents).

Remember high fire def so use the bone ash set or something.
If you want to make your Arcane build successful, this guy is the secret. If you learn how to save scum, you can farm him until you get a Cursed Abyssal Cold gem with +65 ARC Scaling and a secondary effect. This means that almost any weapon in the game can become an elemental monster with an S scaling in ARC. Even if you have barely any ARC, I would recommend getting a crescent one with +65 scaling just so you can have a fire saw cleaver since they make most chalice enemies a piece of cake. For some reason, almost everything in this game is weak to fire.

Just felt the need to post this since someone below me was talking smack about the gems this guy drops. They actually were***** before the DLC patch that added +50 and +65 scaling gems for Arcane and Strength (Heavy Gems).
Dropped a Cold Abyssal Blood Gem (rating 20) and a Blood Rock as the final boss in a Root Lower Loran Chalice for me today.
Honestly one of the most disappointing parts of bloodborne for me was using the descendant in the depth 5 chalice instead of the elder. The elders fight is on another level of entertainment compared to the infuriating simple spam fest and shotels thrown through pillars battle with the descendant. Comparing the depth 3 elder at the recommended level for those chalices to the recommended level for depth 5 descendent he's also far more difficult AND interesting to fight with only some minor issues like teleporting behind you for a quick cheap shot but it isn't nearly as cheap as the descendent. Huge mistake. I know there's depth 5 roots to join but that's optional and requires the player to set it up rather than being fixed.
"Dodge when you see the lance, don't parry"
What? The lance is one of the easiest thing to parry.
The Blacksky Eye is incredibly effective against him during his second phase. You can stagger him into oblivion with it, similar to how the Gatling Gun works against other hunters.