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I think they've changed a few things. I encounter the giant as soon as i enter the cathedral now and in this fight they go to dark casting much earlier.
I beat him with the uchigatana and the pyromancie carthus flame arc :)
Probably the most fun boss fight in the game; probably because you don't come across mobs much.
Wrath of the Gods owns this fight. Still, it is one of my favourite fights in the game.
This is my first rub through and I've never played a souls game before.

This boss was super easy for me, I ran into it with no expectations of winning and killed it/them in probably under two minutes.In fact I found the knight guarding the entrance way more difficult lol. The hollow greatsword (I think thats what I used) worked great for everything in the cathedral.

The boss was easy but I got to say I found the area pretty frustrating, farron keep was way easier.
By far the hardest boss in the game when you are doing a bow only challenge run. Borderline impossible unless you get really lucky with enemy positioning as you can't really dps boss and cancel curse at the same time
What if you've got Dragonslayer's GB or Onislayer? Their weapon skill allows you to shoot through multiple enemies, right? Though I guess you wouldn't get those until later in the game...
You can still use Millwood great bow weapon art to pierce through the crowd


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Agreed on this one. At least first playthrough.
CB only is even worse haha, too bad explosive bolts are late game
First boss I've encountered in the Soul series where my trusty longsword just doesn't work. I actually have to lower myself and use a greatsword like a scrub.
You're actual*****


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Beat them fairly easily using a starting class thief character. Starting equipment only and no leveling. If a bandit knife can do it, a longsword will have no problems.



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Wiki Edits: 51 you might be a bad longsword user cos I killed every boss including the dlc ones with the longsword...what a scrub
am i playing dark souls or dynasty warriors
Curved greatswords work wonders here, especially Old Wolf CGS. Another option is to use some form of long thrusting weapon, since they can reach deeper into the crowd, making it much easier to attack Royce while he's got his bodyguards. But, you can probably also manage this fight just fine with a dagger.
Hilariously, if you go to the DLC before this boss you can level up and upgrade your equipment and come back with a fully upgraded weapon, say Hollowslayer.