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Does upgrade of estus effect online play with other people
Technically no, but it increases the number of flasks you have when summoned or invading.
I think it may be related to the amount of souls required to level up.

In my experience, if I need 2000 souls to level up, I will gain an Estus refill when I kill enough enemies to give me 2000 new souls. As I gain more and more levels, this requirement will increase from 2000 to 2500 and so on up to over 25000 souls or whatever in the endgame.

However, it seems to ignore soul-giving items and selling to NPCs, so it gets out of sync with your actual next level requirement as displayed in the stats.
Well I guess I'm getting a new charge every 120k souls then.



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I'm currently on a pure faith character and I've gotten at least one extra flask just from standing around. I feel like I've gotten more without killing but I can't say for sure.
Moreover, I wonder if it's got anything to do with stats or levels, because I'm getting substantially more refills on my cleric than I got with my tank. I'm around level 30 now and I'm pretty sure I've gotten more refills now than my tank has ever gotten and he's 120 and farming covenant items before going into NG+.

It was especially noticeable during the deacons boss fight. I was somehow getting estus flasks faster than I could consume them.
its happened when killing certain enemies most notably for me that bastard sword knight that gets summoned near the nameless king
I get one almost every time I kill a Darkwraith. I'm not running a luck build (I only have 10 luck because Deprived), and I only have 25 faith.
i got 2 that way in DS1 once
but that might have been because 2 enemies died
still it took a while before i got the estus tho
To be tested : I played several runs and never witnessed a random refill of an Estus Flask, ever. Then, I started a luck based build, and that's when I witnessed random refills, like, quite often. I have 30 luck right now with this character.
I can second this. On my luck build I get WAY more random refills than before.
i got random one all the time and my luck was at my base start
so according to this chart, it's only ever significant to get your flasks to +4 or +5 since healing is improved by nearly 300hp from unupgraded flask (nearly 350hp with the Estus ring) while +6 to +10 upgrades only get you a pitiful 75hp increased healing (<100hp with Estus ring)
pretty much, but it still doesn't hurt to get all the bone shards to upgrade to +10
But in a single run you can get all of them and heal 600HP with 1 Estus without the ring (or 720 with the Ring)
In the guide book they had 20 flask?!
In Dark souls 1, you could have up to 20, which may have been possible at one point in DS3's development, but the may have eventually decided against it due to balance issues with PVP.
hi,i have an annoying bug where i can't get new estus flasks even tho i have estus shards it always tells me that i don't have any I'm playing the game with 3 *****ing flasks and after a few weeks it gets anonying to die cause i can't heal myself
Did you try allotting them at the blacksmith?
This is probably too late but... most likely you never picked up the ashen flask at the beginning of the game. I had the same issue
Did you try to git gud
It's not too late if he didn't picked the ashen flask from the begin, all he have to do is go back to the initial game area and pick it up.
I have noticed you are more prone to get estus in either flask if you have enough souls to level up; Also if you haven't beaten the area boss too. I play as a luck build cuz i am 1/4% irish...
1/4% Irish is 0.25% irish
So I have 15 Estus flasks, I have burnt all 10 undead boneshards but have not got my achievement for it. Is it because I did it offline? (I did it on Steam btw) Does anyone know how I get the achievment?
Yes, it is because you did it offline.
I play offine but I still got achievment
Estus is Latin for 'heat'. We know the flame of bonfires heals the undead- I think this might be a poke towards the same fact. Undead carrying bits of heat around with themselves, to be used whenever injured and far from fire...
Makes sense. Good work, Johnson.