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Reading these comments about how much of a pain in the *** and "cheap" Brainsuckers are is a bit amusing. I've never had any issues with these enemies and cannot fathom why people hate them with such a burning passion.
Not everyone can be gud like you, you pretentious fruit.
But they really aren't **** hard to deal with. Most will be alone anyway, and you should be using thrust and elemental attacks. Also, you have a gun. They are easy as hell to parry. Learn how to parry and stop flooding the internet with rants about how you're bad.
Yet, by the same logic, the few times you come across this enemy are relatively sparse (one in lower cathedral ward, one heading towards the Forbidden Woods, one at Byrgenwerth, one at Iosefka's Clinic and then four(?) at the Upper Cathedral Ward. That's nine-or-so enemies in the entire game, that for characters who aren't pushing their vitality, could easily be one-shotted by grabs that they don't know the telegraphs for. Your experiences aren't universal, guy. The game's hard enough to enjoy without people breathing down your neck about gitting gud. People will have trouble. Let 'em.
OP really thought this comment would net him a virtual BJ or something. Third reply is right about how rare they are and how the first couple encounters can catch you by surprise and suddenly you're 10 Insight lighter than you were before.
dead *** lost 26 insight like a dumbass to them in upper cathedral ward
I feel like I'm having a brain aneurysm. I just lost 30 at the same damn place. ****!
"Be sure to keep in mind that this will make you die inside"
What does that mean?
it means you hate your life
started from 50 insight now we're here
I didn't realize just how difficult these puds can be until I played a non-arcane character. If you are arcane based and have your weapon rigged w/ fire or bolt gems these guys go down in a shot or two. Even the boss versions die in a couple of swats. But when I encountered them w/ a physical character... holy **** they can be tricky.

For those struggling w/ Upper Cathedral Ward, (esp those last two that are in sight of one another), you might try suicide running until you have the shortcut doors open. Once the doors are open, you can back stab all of them and farm the place for chunks from the wolves.

Also, beast roar works really well in those narrow hallways. Just blow them onto their backs and dice 'em up...
"It will then drain 2 Insight from them, inflicting high damage in the process. Be sure to keep in mind that this will make you die inside."

To the guy who designed these things, I have one massage: Fu*cough*
Now back to gitting gud.
I thought it would be nice to see people saying that they all didn't like something, but hey, I hate 'em too, they're pretty annoying, creepy, and just a nuisance. But if you can't kill 'em or something, and they're too hard-

Welcome to bloodborne. Hope you get used to it.
They're the only enemies like this in the game, and once you're past Upper Cathedral Ward/Ya'har Ghul, you don't see them again. Sooooo you really don't have to get used to them and they're an unnecessary difficulty leap that the game can do without. "Welcome to bloodborne" my ***, every other enemy is at least fair. These a-holes have i-frames during their binding attack.
these suckers are fair too, you just aren't good at killing them, get better, at pressing r2 and r1 a lot, cause that's all it takes
NG+12 and still have issues from time to time, easiest method I've found especially for upper cathedral elixir
"That **** wanna give me brain" lol brain sucker a thot for insight