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So Henryk managed to stunlock her despite my help, but after she died (dropped the badge and everything) she started talking while I kept fighting Henryk. The dialogue is the same as when you attack her, but that's also not on her page; I did find this video of the glitch:



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I never encountered Eileen after twice atop the sewers. I was going back to search for the red broach from where I fought Gascionge, and when I showed up there was a furious battle going on (Henryk straight up murdered Eileen), and I was none the wiser and now have gotten slaughtered many times now by Henryk. quest line over.
I followed her quest line and she still ended up hostile. Any one else experience this?
Maybe you hit her while fighting henryk
I found a VERY easy way to kill the Chikage NPC. All you need to do is lure him back to the bottom of the stairs and play around with his AI a bit to get an idea for where he passes that zone of no return before zombie walking back into his arena. It's about half way across the lowest platform in front of the doors. Get him to draw his sword into blood mode, dodge the attacks, and bait him into attacking towards the door. If you dodge around him at this point, you can keep whacking him repeatedly which pushes him back towards the door if your back is towards the staircase. Keep knocking him towards the door, regen stamina, and repeat until he's dead. You can do this even if you have absolutely no attack power on the weapon you're using so use whatever you'd like, as long as it's fast. Let the bleed/poison kill him for you.
Eileen has additional dialogue if you attack her before she goes crazy, in the sewers for example. Dialogue includes her saying “You still have dreams? Tell the little doll I said hello.” if she kills you.
I'm pretty sure I saw Eileen still after I entered Forbidden Woods. Apparently, she despawned only after I killed Paarl, as I remember talking to her while going before Paarl to fetch Arianna from the alley. So it seems that event chain triggering her disappearance is 1) kill Paarl 2) enter Forbidden Woods.
Shame, as I wanted to have a go at Henryk for his set....I won't be replaying, I guess.
In my current playthrough, I killed Paarle before I opened the two Church gates (with the Hunter Chief Emblem), and her quest chain is still open.
I just want to know how much health she has
I'm 99% sure I opened all of the shortcut gates in the area, but after killing Vicar Amelia she's still not next to the Cathedral like she was in my first playthrough :c
I killed the Witch of Hemwick but not the Shadows of Yharnam or Paarl yet and I can't find her. She's also not at her original position. Please help :c
The same thing happened to me, but upon going from the Cathedral to the Tomb of Odeon, Henrik was there fighting with Eileen just the same. Killing him with her still allowed me to continue the questline.
Exact same thing happened to me, its my 2nd playthru and shes not there. 1st playthrough she was
You have to meet her before Vicar Amelia. She gives you the mission to kill Henryk
One way to not so much as cheese the cathedral hunter but make it slightly easier is to use the wooden/loch shield and the transformed reiterpalsh (idk if thats the right spelling). Just hold up the shield to take minimal damage (specifically from the repeater pistol) and try to use the lance's gunshot to parry.
Okay so I died to the Bloody Hunter of Cainhurst at least 15 times smh. When I finally did beat him I actually only wasted 5 blood vials, which makes me think he may be more of a tricky opponent rather than a hard one. Okay so I had 9 bone marrow ash, and I was leveled up enough to use a cannon. The cannon really **** him up so I would suggest using it once. I had around 6 molotovs and a few throwing knives. What I did is lure him towards the staircase as the space is much smaller and its easier to dodge, as well as escape outside. I used the cannon + bone marrow ash immediately. After wards I kept baiting him down, waiting for him to switch to two-handed. When he’s fighting two-handed its much easier to be aggressive as he can’t parry you. I was using the one handed version of Ludwig’s Blade (I would suggest using a fast weapon that is either +6 or higher). Using a fast weapon is advisable because you can still manage to land attacks on the crow even when he’s using old hunter’s bone. Whenever he switched to one handed and pistol, I would keep my distance and throw either molotovs or knives at him. Mix it up with bullets +bone marrow ash. He relies on offence so try to keep to a defensive fighting style until you’re sure you wont get parried. DO NOT allow him to land more than one hit on you unless you have an insanely long health bar. Whenever he’s fighting two-handed two hits are enough to kill you. Also, the closer you are to him when his bullets hit you, the more damage you take. The further you are, the less damage done. Hope it helped a little!