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Raport... nuf said
Meme enemy. Thanks for the difficulty memes Memezaki
They can drop chunks, without a doubt. I'm currently farming them for Sharp Gems, and I've gotten two chunks to drop so far.


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the coolest looking and their move set is both annoying and cool too
Never have I seen an enemy get parried and riposted 5 times in a row and still kill me until I met these fellows
Rapier/Dart Knight isnt dangerous at all, if you have a shield with high stability and 100% absorb. All his attacks can be easily blocked, and dont drain much stamina. Talons Knight, on other hand, is far more dangerous, as he can bypass block with some moves, and has bleed build-up.
You can run past them you don't have to fight them if you are going underleveled into Ariandel world just like I did. And don't try to block a full combo especially from the bleeding guy with the talons... your life and stamina bar can melt down really fast.
You can parry the talon variant with a well timed attack, too. It's weird. I can pretty reliably get it with a dagger.
Parrying them on SL1/nohit/ng+7 is pretty much the worst idea you can have. Not only their quickstep is very easy to confuse with one of their combo starters and if you parry it you're as good as dead (they instantly oneshot you) and if that wasn't enough they can chain quickstep and hit you while turning their back to you. Or otherwise teleport dog-style. I'm not sure if there's a reliable way of killing them without taking any damage without kiting them for hours. It's like a crossbreed of ds dogs and snake men from archdragon peak. Pure RNG - not fun in the slightest.



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Goddammit! I died five times just trying to parry them! Man, I'm such a loser when it comes to parrying that no amount of encouragement is going to convince me to use that move ever again with these guys, so ***** this*****.