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This might be useful as a crutch for someone who wants to wear a specific set of gear exclusively but might need the extra non physical defense. (Specific enemy, boss, etc). As someone whos building a character that focuses on skill and bloodtinge the idea of a Loch/ Reiterpallasch weapon set seems entertaining. A auxiliary tank of sorts since you could focus on ranged targets with little draw back from their counter. Im unaware of the Reiterpallaschs prowess however as I've only gotten so far.
You pleb teach me how to sleigh on my sled
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in a time where you cannot escape a phys attack, the plank shield is clutch
living failures have been giving me a hard time, maybe I should try out this weapon in that fight.
That's the reason I did it. Without the shield, it's a nightmare trying to survive the meteor storm attack
Could I recommend gauging which direction the meteor attack is coming from and then using the tree as cover? Also keep in mind that it comes from the same direction every time
^ It's really not though. If u hide behind the tree in the center or building opposite of where u enter, u can avoid it completely. Git Gud scrub
in certain situations if you roll or quickstep you may lose momentum so its better to just shield yourself in order to do more damage
Trying to utilize this for Loran Darkbeast Paarl fight since he spams that bolt AoE attack like it's his only option. Better than any alternative since if you're too close there's no way to escape
With 25 VIT you can survive any attack from the defiled watchdog with this. Tanking obviously isn't option A, but it'll keep you from dying in one hit and let you heal up.